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Ancient Vandius is a Space Marine from the Ultramarines' chapter and Company Standard Bearer for the 2nd Company, attached to Captain Cato Sicarius's Command Squad, "The Lions of Macragge."[1a]


Black Reach

During the Assault on Black Reach in 855 M41[1b], the 2nd Company was deployed to Black Reach against Waaagh! Zanzag, and the Lions fought in the vanguard of the Drop Pod assault with Sicarius, and in subsequent engagements.[2].


During the attack of the Bloodborn on Ultramar, in 854999.M41[1b], the 2nd Company was deployed to Espandor. After some initial skirmishes, Captain Sicarius decided that the best way to bring the campaign to a swift end was to locate and kill the attacking force's commander, the Corsair Queen Kaarja Salombar [3a][3b].

Tactical Squad Vorolanus located Salombar in the city of Corinth, and Sicarius swiftly launched a full assault. The Lions of Macragge spearheaded the charge into the Corsair ranks, Sicarius ferociously set on confronting Salombar in close combat[3c].

Salombar was a skilled sword-fighter, and lopped off Vandius's standard arm. Sgt. Vorolanus, standing nearby, stopped the Company Standard from touching the ground, and could see that the loss of his arm pained Vandius less than almost failing in his duty to keep the standard aloft[3d].


The Ultramarines First Company's third squad of Terminators is led by a Sergeant named Vandius[4]. This may be the same individual, but it is unlikely.