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Vanguard Cruiser

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Vanguard Cruisers are a variant of the traditional Space Marine Strike Cruiser outfitted for long range independent operations. They are primarily used by fleet-based Chapters.[2b]


Vanguard Cruisers are normally refitted Strike Cruisers rather than purpose-built. They have improved thrusters and defensive turrets, but this comes at the expense of weaker offensive weaponry so Vanguards are less capable in a planetary assault role. As a result, Vanguards are used as scouting vessels operating independently or as heavy escorts as part of a large Space Marine fleet.[2b][3]

Famous Vanguard Cruisers

Chapter Vessel Noteworthy Actions Current Status
Fire Hawks Red Harbinger [1] Crippled and then captured by the Mantis Warriors in 350 904.M41, leading to the Badab War. Unknown
Salamanders Obsidia [2a] Fought in the Badab War. Unknown