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Ventrillian Nobles

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The Ventrillian Nobles are Astra Militarum Regiments.[1]

Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Ventrillian Nobles -
Homeworld: Ventrillia
Regiment Name: Ventrillian Nobles
Specialities: Close Combat


On the wealthy world of Ventrillia, those that withstand the subterranean coming-of-age ritual known as the Trial of the Lava Lakes enjoy a wealth that is more than sufficient to buy their way out of the Imperial Guard. But Ventrillia has a proud military culture, with a history of dueling that stretches back to pre-Imperial times, and few Nobles would risk the dishonor of giving up their commissions. Instead, they "donate" their wealth to Departmento Munitorum officials and Rogue Traders in exchange for assignments and passage to war zones rich in adventure and glory, rather than simply being fed to the meat grinder. When the Nobles go to war they do so armed not only with a lasgun and bayonet, but also an ancestral dueling sword, a quickblade, or heavy zwei-hander.[2]

Notable Regiments

  • 86th Regiment - Carmine Eagles[2]

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