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Venus Mantrap

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A Venus Mantrap is a carnivorous plant common to jungle death worlds. Named after the Venus Flytrap of Terra, which it resembles in all but size, it is often twenty or thirty metres in height, and is easily capable catching and digesting man-sized creatures.[1]

The Venus Mantrap is one type among a great variety of carnivorous flora found on death worlds.[1]

The Mantrap is far more aggressive in its ability to move and trap prey than the flytrap of Terra: the leaves of the Mantrap, connected to a main immobile body by long stalks, are capable moving a distance away to reach and attack prey.[1]

Each leaf of the Mantrap forms a powerful trap. Sensitive trigger hairs detect nearby prey, causing the plant's trapping mechanism to immediately activate. The leaves then quickly move to reach and trap its prey.[1]

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