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Victories of the Space Marines (Anthology)

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Victories of the Space Marines
Cover art by Hardy Fowler
Editor Christian Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marines (Anthology Series)
Authors Sarah Cawkwell, Ben Counter, Jonathan Green, Steve Parker, Rob Sanders, James Swallow, Gav Thorpe, C.L. Werner, Chris Wraight
Preceded by Legends of the Space Marines
Followed by Treacheries of the Space Marines
Released 2011
Pages 410
Editions 2011 softcover
ISBN 9781849700429

Victories of the Space Marines is an Anthology of short stories concerning primarily Loyalist Space Marine Chapters and first published in 2011.[1]


A secret hides on the acid-wreathed world of Gath Rimmon. When the Space Wolves attempt to retrieve it, they must face the bizarre and dangerous aliens who call the world home, the mysterious eldar and one of their own who is not as they appear... by Chris Wraight


Gath Rimmon.


The Rewards of Tolerance

A band of renegade Space Marines, recently turned from the Emperor’s light, flee for the Eye of Terror. When they encounter eldar from Craftworld Iyanden, a daemonic secret is revealed in their midst that threatens to tear them apart. by Gav Thorpe

Black Dawn

by C.L. Werner

On Ixo Primaris, Governor Mattias has gotten hold of a rare opportunity. Workers have unearthed a gigantic bolt pistol dating back to the Great Crusade, making it a former possession of the Ultramarines' primarch, Roboute Guilliman, who liberated Ixo and returned it to the fold of the Imperium. Other systems have created pilgrim trails based on much less important relics, and Ixo will soon be a thriving hub of tourism, commerce, and Ecclesiarchal worship. A Rogue Trader in the service of one of the minor Navigator Houses has already arrived, petitioning the Governor for a monopoly on the transportation of pilgrims who will soon be thronging Ixo. Although he exercises near-total authority, Mattias tries to delay by putting the issue up for debate in the planet's legislature.

At the planet's only space port, a group of Space Marine Scouts from the Emperor's Warbringers have infiltrated, dispatching the few human civilians who happen across them and preparing the way for a full Company strike force. The Warbringers' attack, when it comes, is sudden, brutal, and perfectly coordinated, pinning the Arbites and the PDF garrison in their barracks, while Terminators teleport directly into the Legislature and massacre its inhabitants. Once the city is secure, the lead force enters the Governor's private stronghold, killing him and his bodyguards.

The Warbringers are accompanied by Inquisitor Gorm of the Ordo Malleus, who discovered the truth about the relic: although Imperial histories have been carefully altered to credit Guilliman and the Ultramarines with liberating Ixo, the Space Marines who came to the planet during the Crusade were actually the Luna Wolves, meaning the bolt pistol actually belonged to Horus. To Gorm, this makes it a Chaos artefact of incredible significance, and he is eager to return with it to Titan - but to the Warbringers it is an abomination, and they insist on destroying it immediately. Gorm wisely keeps silent, choosing not to cross the Space Marines.

The Long Games at Carcharias

An attack on their fortress-monastery leaves the Crimson Consuls Space Marines scattered, broken and close to destruction. As they struggle to defeat the Black Legion invaders, the Chapter’s masters must also contend with treachery and an ancient daemonic threat. by Rob Sanders

Heart of Rage

Penetrating a tyranid-infested space hulk to search for a missing Adeptus Mechanicus force, Blood Angels Librarian Nord and his brothers find that the aliens are not the only threat. In order to survive, they have to face their darkest secret, and relive their Chapter’s greatest tragedy. by James Swallow

But Dust in the Wind

Investigating a distress signal from an ice-shrouded mining colony, Space Marines of the Imperial Fists find themselves outnumbered and surrounded by the soulless necrons. Facing impossible odds, the Imperial Fists struggle desperately to find a way to survive. by Jonathan Green


by Steve Parker


Kill Team Talon, led by Codicier Karras, are ordered to oversee the transportation of some Xeno tech but, as always, the Inquisitor Lord doesn't tell them everything pertinent to the mission.


Second planet of the Ozyma-138 system, Hatha Subsector, Ultima Segmentum.


Primary Instinct

by Sarah Cawkwell
The Silver Skulls arrive on a planet pursuing the Eldar but instead encounter another deadly form of xenos.


by Ben Counter


In this prequel to Hammer of Daemons (Novel), Alaric and his squad are sent aboard an abandoned grand cruiser Merciless to quell the horrors within.

The action aboard the ship is intercut with the numerous sacrifices demanded by the Ecclesiarchy and the Ordo Malleus to enable the Grey Knights' work: their bolter shells must be consecrated in the blood of innocent Imperial citizens and their armour is proofed against daemons by the ritual execution of low-level psykers.


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