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The Visarch

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The Visarch

The Visarch is an Eldar known as the Sword of Ynnead and serves the newly awakened Eldar God of the Dead.[1]

The Eldar known as The Visarch first appeared in Commorragh at the side of the newly awakened Emissary of Ynnead, Yvraine. He was instrumental in her escape from the Dark City and the formation of the Ynarri. He now acts as the guardian of Yvraine and has fought alongside her on her expeditions to resurrect Ynnead.[2] The Visarch later accompanied Yvraine to Kalisus where they brought the survivors of the Thirteenth Black Crusade to Macragge. The Visarch fought alongside Imperial forces in the subsequent Ultramar Campaign.[3]

In battle, the Visarch wields the Crone Sword Asu-Var.


Visarch Miniature