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Vladimir Pugh

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Lord Vladimir Pugh was a Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists. He was a stern man and did not distance himself once a crusade was launched. He liked leading his troops in battle instead of sitting at the rear. Whilst not a particularly inspirational leader, Vladimir Pugh was as meticulous a planner as any Chapter Master in the Imperial Fists' history. He had his taste buds excised as a penance because he lost a hundred and seventy Marines in one terrible action (and also because the Emperor in his current state cannot taste, smell or touch).[Needs Citation]

Pugh was once offered a seat on the High Lords of Terra but did not believe himself worthy of such an honor. A man of great honor and modesty, only a select few of the Imperial Fists know that not all of the Chapter Master's scars were not wounds earned in battle, but bodily mortifications inflicted by Pugh's own hand, each one carved in memory of a Battle-Brother lost under his command.[3a]

In 970.M41 Pugh was slain battling Tyranids deep within a crashed Space Hulk in the Infestation of Drashin. First Captain Darnath Lysander was nominated to succeed him, but refused the honour. Instead, Vorn Hagen became the next Chapter Master. [3b]

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