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Planetkill (Anthology)

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Planetkill cover.jpg
Cover art for Planetkill by John Blanche
Editor Nick Kyme and Lindsey Priestley
Publisher Black Library
Authors Simon Dyton, Matthew Farrer, Robey Jenkins, Graham McNeill, Steve Parker, Richard Williams, Henry Zou
Released 2008

Planetkill was published by the Black Library in 2008. It deals with the theme of planetary destruction in the 41st Millennium.



By Henry Zou
Inquisitor Obodiah Roth investigates the Secessionists of Selene Prime after a psychic disturbance is revealed. What could its origin be, and how are the fearsome Secessionists involved?

Mortal Fuel

By Richard Williams

Midshipmam Marcher's star is on the ascent as his ship assists in the Imperial evacuation of Bahani and all that follows - boarding actions, brawls and a hidden threat included.

The Heraclitus Effect

By Graham McNeill

Honsou is out for Uriel Ventris' blood. Failing that, hurting him in whatever way he can is the next best thing, and he has the perfect method to do so.

The Emperor Wept

By Simon Dyton

Adept Biologis Heironym Rottle is either one of the most lucky of his brotherhood or one of the most cursed. What secrets are locked within him, and what do they imply for one of the Imperium's most deadly weapons?

Phobos Worked in Adamant

By Robey Jenkins

Magos Ghuul is a driven man. With terrible danger to Celare Artem moving ever close across the void he must work feverishly to guarantee the world's survival, but at what cost?

Seven Views on Ulhguth's Passing

By Matthew Farrer

The heart of the Eye of Terror is a strange place, where all manner of bizarre and sanity-shattering things are made real. This tale is but a glimpse into the dark heart of the Warp.

Mercy Run

By Steve Parker

Sisters Hospitaller are not quite as innocent as it may seem at first in this story of a desperate mission against the clock. Will they make it before the Ork-directed meteors strike the planet?


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