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Vortex torpedo

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Vortex torpedoes are the rarest and the mightiest of all torpedo types. Like other vortex weapons, this torpedo works by creating a temporary rift in the warp, which proceeds to rip apart and absorb everything near it. In battle, this means whole sections of the vessel gone forever into the Immaterium, complete with all the equipment and crew inside.[1]

Like the somewhat weaker Melta torpedoes, the vortex torpedoes are highly unstable and can be set off by a lucky enemy shot into the torpedo compartment, more often than not completely devouring the vessel.[1]

The Imperium of Man, the Eldar and Dark Eldar can carry vortex torpedoes on ships of at least Cruiser size or larger, though rarely will they have more than one, while the Orks have been known to carry vortex torpedoes which they have looted from other races.[1]

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