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War in the Rift

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The War in the Rift is an ongoing conflict between the Chaos Gods.


The war began[1c] in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation and Thirteenth Black Crusade, when the Chaos God Tzeentch grew jealous of its Brother Nurgle's newly acquired domain of the Scourge Stars. While Tzeentch began plans to claim its own domain, the Chaos God set into motion events that would undermine Nurgle's control of its growing empire[1a]. Chief among them was whispering of the Scourge Stars' existence to Khorne, who soon stopped its Blood Crusade and led its forces in an invasion of Nurgle's new domain[1b]. Tzeentch soon invaded as well and Nurgle was forced to pull its forces from the ongoing Plague Wars against the Realm of Ultramar, to aid in the Scourge Stars' defense. Slaanesh later joined the battle, but the Prince of Pleasure changed sides frequently, and its forces would either aid Nurgle or Tzeentch and Khorne at any given time. Eventually, Tzeentch proposed the possession of the Scourge Stars, should be settled by a contest of Champions and the three other Chaos Gods agreed; bringing the fighting between their forces to an end, as the Chaos Gods are now preparing their selected Champions for battle.[1c]

During the conflict, Mortarion decapitated the seven champions of Lybria and used their skulls to banish Ka'Bandha back to the Warp.[2]

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