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Warlord Battle Titan

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Warlord Battle Titan[2a]

The Warlord Battle Titan is a class of Imperial Battle Titan. It is the most numerous of Imperial Titans with millions having been built over the many years of its existence; in fact the design is older than the Imperium of Man itself.[6a] The Warlord is essentially a walking fortress, packing enough firepower to wiping out entire armies on its own.[1] Thousands of Warlord Titans saw action on both sides during the wars of the Horus Heresy.



The Warlord is by far the most widely employed, numerous and versatile class of Imperial Battle Titan deployed by the Collegia Titanica, it is second in power only to the rare Emperor Class Titans. Some Warlords date back to time of the Great Crusade or earlier.

A Warlord is crewed by a Princeps and four Moderati[3]. In addition, a Techpriest sits in a secluded alcove in the back of the cockpit, an Enginseer monitors the machinery in the belly of the Titan, and several servitors complete tasks such as auto loading and firing weaponry. [2x] [**]


Current Edition Warlord


The Eclipse Class Titan is a lighter version of the more common Death Bringer. An Eclipse Warlord is deployed if more staying power is needed than a Reaver Class Titan can provide but a Death Bringer is not available or needed. They are typically armed with Volcano Cannons, Gatling Blasters, and Apocalypse Missile Launchers.[6]

Death Bringer

The Death Bringer Class Titan is the most common configuration of Warlord Class Titans and are equipped with a variety of weapons that can be used for a multitude of battlefield roles.[6]


The Nightgaunt Class Titan is a variant of the standard Warlord pattern designed mainly to hunt down enemy Titans and destroy them in close combat. Nightgaunts are faster then other Warlord patterns, always equipped with one or two Titan Close Combat Weapons or lighter, short-ranged firepower.[6]


The Nemesis Class Titan is fielded if brute power is required. These machines excel in long-range firepower and siege warfare but possess poor manuverability. Usually foregoing close-ranged weapons, they sometimes will nonetheless field a single Titan Close Combat Weapon to discourage any deepstrikes by enemy forces. Nemesis Warlords are typically equipped with a mix of Quake Cannons, Volcano Cannons, Inferno Guns, Plasma Destructors, and Apocalypse Missile Launchers.[6]


Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Gatling Blaster

A Warlord Titan's two arm weapons can consist of any of the following:[1]

It also has has two carapace mounts each fitted with one of the following:[1]


Original Titan Model
Warlord Titan (Late 1980s)
Warlord Battle Titan
Warlord Battle Titan[5]



Most accounts state that a warlord has a crew of one Princeps commanding the Titan and four Moderati controlling the weapon systems[3]. However Dan Abnett's Titanicus (Novel) differs stating that its crew consists of the commanding Princeps, a Moderati who is second in command, a Sensori, tasked with monitoring and using the engine's sensors, and a Steersman, who moves the Titan.


A number of sources list varying heights for Warlord Battle Titans. For example the Warlord Titan Cruor Vult was 60m tall and weighed 2,500 tons,[7] while according to the scale diagram in the Apocalypse Rulebook a Warlord Titan is approximately 33m (100ft),[1] equivalent to 23" tall on tabletop. Other accounts have stated it to be in the region of 200 meters (656 feet)[4]. Depictions of the Warlord in artwork are even less consistent, sometimes showing it to be hundreds of meters tall.

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