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White Scars

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The White Scars (known to themselves as the Horde of Jaghatai[38a]), originally known as the Star Hunters[38] were the V Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions of the First Founding. Their Primarch is Jaghatai Khan. During the Horus Heresy the White Scars remained loyal to the Emperor, after which they reorganized and split into Chapters. Drawing on the tribal savagery of their homeworld, the White Scars practice a highly mobile method of warfare, tearing into their enemies with lightning-quick attacks and vanishing before a response can be made. Despite being characterized as barbarians, the White Scars are a highly cultured Chapter. Poetry is among their most respected and ancient traditions.[25]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
White Scars Marine.png
- White Scars -
Legion Number: V
Primarch: Jaghatai Khan
Chapter Master: Jubal Khan [3]
Homeworld: Mundus Planus (Chogoris)
Fortress-Monastery: Quan Zhou
Known Descendants: Dark Hunters, Destroyers, Iron Talons, Mantis Warriors[16], Marauders, Rampagers,
Solar Hawks, Sons of Jaghatai, Storm Lords, Storm Reapers, Storm Callers (Potential)
Colours: White[29]
Specialty: Fast Attack
Battle Cry: For the Khan and the Emperor! [3g]
White Scars Symbol.png
White scars mini.JPG


The Great Crusade

The Khan and his Legion strike at the Orks in the Ullanor system.[23]
Heresy-era White Scars Marine

The White Scars were the V Legion of Space Marine Legions created by the Emperor, earning the name of the Star Hunters during the early Great Crusade.[38] By the time the Legion was united with their Primarch Jaghatai Khan, he had united the fierce tribes of his homeworld Mundus Planus. Upon meeting the Emperor, Jaghatai recognized him as a man who embodied his ultimate ideal, someone who could unite all the stars of the sky. At his palace at Quan Zhou he swore allegiance to the Emperor and was given command of the 5th Legion. The Astartes adopted the facial ritual scars of the Talskar tribesmen while many of Khan's loyal tribesmen were allowed to join the Legion.[3a] Jaghatai's palace, located in the rugged, lonely mountain passes of the Khum Karta mountains, would become the Legion's Fortress-monastery.[1]

The Star Hunters fought many bloody battles during the Great Crusade and under Jaghatai Khan they became infamous for their fast attacks and hit-and-run assaults.[3a] During the war against the Nephilim on Hoadh in 884.M30 the Legion became known as the White Scars, a term derived from a fused corruption of a Chogorian tribe name and a reference to their new ivory livery.[38a]

The Horus Heresy

Jaghatai Khan and his Legion had spent several years in a campaign against the Orks of the Chondax System, which had been intentionally prolonged by the Alpha Legion,[19] when news about the betrayal of Horus and the Drop Site Massacre arrived. They were urged by Rogal Dorn to return to Terra[7a] The Khan was contacted by Leman Russ who had just returned from Prospero and offered to join forces with him. Horus, however, had anticipated this and sent the Alpha Legion to launch an assault on Russ' outnumbered Space Wolves, where they were defeated at Yarant.[7a][8] Although he despised leaving the Space Wolves on their own and was faced with dangerous Warp Storms, Jagathai Khan followed Dorn's urgent request to return to Terra immediately rather than engaging in a costly battle against the Alpha Legion. Most of all, the Khan sought to find answers for himself as to what had happened to the Imperium. Using a fleet formation known as the chisel, the White Scars broke a nearby Alpha Legion blockade, destroyed several of their warships, and left the Chondax System behind.[7a]

The Khan eventually decided to return to the source of all of these problems to investigate for himself and arrived at Prospero after its apocalyptic attack by the Space Wolves. Of both sides, the White Scars initially found no sign, but the ghosts of slain Thousand Sons soon appeared and the White Scars found their weapons ineffective against these deadly enemies and Master Qin Xa ordered an immediate retreat. Eventually the Khan himself was confronted by an ethereal projection of Magnus the Red, who implored his brother to choose a side in this war and not trust the Emperor. In the end the Khan shattered the shade with his sword. Jaghatai and his Keshig next encountered Mortarion and his Deathshroud of the Death Guard, and the two sides came to battle. Meanwhile as White Scars and Death Guard ships began to engage each other in space, the legion was faced with an attempted coup led by Torghun Khan and Hasik-Noyan Khan to take command of the White Scars fleet while it was at Prospero, and join their forces with Horus. Cultural tensions between members of the Legion born on Terra and those from Chogoris had been fermenting for years, with many of those from Humanity's birthplace favoring Horus while those from the Khan's adopted world favored loyalty to his word. Thanks to the efforts of Shiban Khan, who led a boarding party onto the Swordstorm and battled the traitors until Jaghatai arrived, the plot failed. Mortarion and the Death Guard withdrew shortly after following a brief battle in space.[25] Surviving traitors within the Scars were condemned to the Sagyar Mazan, suicide units that would atone through death against the enemy.[34]

For the next four years, the White Scars found themselves trapped far from Terra. Warp Storms cut off long-distance Warp travel while the traitor fleets blocked the best routes to Humanity's capital. Faced with no other choice, Jaghatai had the Scars wage a hit-and-run campaign of attrition. While damaging to Horus' war effort, it did not halt his progress towards Terra and 1/5th of the White Scars Legion was lost in the fighting. Soon, it became apparent that the traitors were adjusting to the Scars tactics and the Legion slowly became boxed in. It was after the Battle of the Kalium Gate and the death of Qin Xa that the Khan decided that they had suffered enough and a way to Terra would be forged. Eventually, the Scars were able to discover the Dark Glass artifact and through the sacrifice of Chief Stormseer Targutai Yesugei a portal into the Webway was opened that allowed for the Scars to reach Terra.[34]

The Battle of Terra

During the siege of the Emperor's Palace the White Scars fought alongside the Blood Angels and Imperial Fists against the traitors. They launched several hit-and-run assaults and together with remnants of the 1st Terran Tank Division and several Imperial Infantry Regiments they successfully harassed the enemy supply lines on Lions Gate spaceport.[7b]


After the Horus Heresy, the White Scars adopted the Codex Astartes and the Legion was divided into several Chapters.

White Scars and Knights battle the Tau

In order to contain the outlaws, renegades and aliens that dwell within the Maelstrom, Roboute Guilliman ordered the surrounding systems to be reinforced. The White Scars were tasked with the main responsibility of securing the area from their homeworld.[5]

Notable Engagements Post-Heresy

  • ???: The Lost Kin. According to the writing of the Great Khan of Quan Zhou, the White Scars learned upon their return to Mundus Planus that their homeworld had been the target of numerous Dark Eldar raids and traitors from the Yasan Sector. Jaghatai fought them in many battles during the Great Scouring. It was during the battle of Corusil V that he and his first brotherhood followed a mighty Dark Eldar lord through a gate into the webway, vanishing forever. To this day the White Scars hold a great hate for these aliens.[3]
  • ???.M37: The Cursed Year. Three successive Khans are lost during their inaugural campaigns. Thinking they have displeased the spirit of their Primarch, the Stormseers recall the entire Chapter to Chogoris for a month of feasting and competitions. In the decades that follow, the White Scars accumulate many victories.[37a]
Details of the White Scars' scarification rituals.[22]
  • ???.M42: Jubal Khan, Great Khan of the White Scars, is thought missing after a battle aboard the Seethnar, a space station commandeered by the Red Corsairs.[37a]

Combat doctrine


The Chapter is highly mobile even for Space Marines, specializing in lightning warfare, and making use of attack bikes, Land Speeders, Storm Talons, and other fast vehicles. Those mounted on bikes often make use of a special type of power weapon called a Power Lance, providing the same destructive potential at a much greater range.[3h] Heavily-armoured forces are often left chasing after shadows while the White Scars easily outmaneuver to attack them at their weakest point. White Scars forces prefer to attack their enemy at range, using their speed and firepower to destroy them, but are more than capable of committing their Assault Squads in ferocious hand-to-hand fighting.[3c]

White Scars naval vessels have been heavily modified by their Techmarine's, allowing them to accelerate quickly and move at speeds thought impossible for ships their size. This however comes with sacrificing weaponry, protection, and troop-carrying capacity.[25]



The Chapter organization of the White Scars reflects their home world's tribal culture; for example, Librarians are referred to as Stormseers. White Scars recruit from a single planet, Mundus Planus. The steppes of the world are inhabited by feuding tribes, from which are chosen the best and most promising young warriors, regardless of tribe. Once a warrior becomes a White Scar, loyalty to his tribe is replaced by loyalty to the Chapter and the Emperor.

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, a specialized rank of Noyan-Khan existed that was the equivalent of a Lord Commander. There were two Noyan-Khan's, each of which commanded 20 Chapter-sized Brotherhoods.[34] Since the Heresy, the White Scars are led by a single Great Khan and several company-level Khans (Captains).

As their Primarch did during his campaign to unite the steppes, recruits from different tribes are mixed together in squads. Each squad becomes part of a Brotherhood, roughly equivalent to a standard Company. During the Great Crusade when the White Scars were still a Legion, multiple Brotherhoods fell under the control of a Horde, roughly equivalent to a Chapter. However, unlike other Codex Chapters the White Scars maintain a much higher proportion of bike squadrons and Land Speeders, a reflection of the style of warfare favoured by the Chapter. They are also entirely lacking in Devastator Squads, as the slow, heavy weapons clash against the White Scar's method of battle. The Chapter also maintains relatively few battle tanks, which are often stripped-down versions in order to keep with the rest of the White Scars. Finally, the White Scars normally do not possess any Dreadnoughts since the thought of confining a warriors' spirit within a sarcophagus is abhorrent to them.[3d][11] Though there remain a few battle brothers willing to be reborn as one of these ironclad war machines.[39]

Chapter Disposition



Chapter Command
Armoury Apothecarion Fleet Command Librarius Chaplaincy


Veteran Company Battle Companies
1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company

"Spearpoint Brotherhood"


Master of the War Council

"Firefist Brotherhood"


Master of Lore

"Eagle Brotherhood"


Master of the Hunt

"Tulwar Brotherhood"


Master of Blades

"Stormwrath Brotherhood"


Master of Spirits

Reserve Companies Scout Company
6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company

"Hawkeye Brotherhood"


Master of Shields

"Plainstalker Brotherhood"


Master of the Watch

"Bloodrider Brotherhood"


Master of Steeds

"Stormbolt Brotherhood"


Master of Bows

"Windspeaker Brotherhood"

Master of Braves

Notable Chapter Elements

Notable Vessels

Notable Named Vehicles

Notable White Scars



Unique Troops




Previous Edition Warning: This article discusses a topic from a previous edition of Warhammer 40,000.
Its canonicity is in question but was once considered canon.

Previous editions

The Whitescars are organized like most Space Marine Chapters. For over two thousand years they have been guarding the Kolarne Circle, a densely populated cluster of systems, constantly threatened by internal rebellions and nearby Ork warlords. After that Whitescars were engaged in a counter-revolutionary crusade against mining systems of Rad Ox of the Third Quadrant. In general, the Chapter has a long and proud history and played an instrumental role in the destruction of Hive Fleet Behemoth (noted as being a Chaos aligned force).[1]
The Whitescars are completely fleet-based, their fortress-monastery being the space barge Constantinius. Their fleet numbers over a hundred ships, and as a result the Chapter has a high number of Astropaths and Navigators attached to it.[1]
A unique formation within the Chapter are the Souldrinkers, Space Marine veterans that excel in close combat. These Marines are armed with power-swords and refractor fields and bear their own distinctive shoulder badges and honour banners. Another formation are the Cobra Squads, comprised of regular members of the Chapter's companies that have been equipped with jump packs.[1]

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