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Xenos Hunters (Anthology)

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Xenos Hunters
Editor Christian Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Authors David Annandale, Braden Campbell, Andy Chambers, Ben Counter, Peter Fehervari, Nick Kyme, Steve Parker, Anthony Reynolds, Rob Sanders
Released September, 2012
Editions 2012 softcover
ISBN 9781849704700

2014 ebook
ISBN 9781849706087

Ebook cover

Xenos Hunters is an anthology published by Black Library in September, 2012. The anthology collects several short stories about the Deathwatch.


Machine Spirit

by Nick Kyme

The Infinite Tableau

by Anthony Reynolds


by Braden Campbell


by Ben Counter

The Vorago Fastness

by David Annandale

Fearful Symmetries

by Rob Sanders

A Sanctuary of Wyrms

by Peter Fehervari
On the sept of Fi’draah, a tau water caste ambassador is sent deep into the jungles of the mysterious Dolorosa Coil on a vital mission. As she and her companions explore an abandoned Imperial facility known only as ‘The Sanctuary of Wyrms’, they find humans both dead and alive, including those of the Imperium’s elite alien hunters – the Deathwatch.

The Alien Hunters

by Andy Chambers

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