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  • |align="center"|'''''I haven't lost an arm, brother. It's right over there.''''' ...uries from the last training exercise have healed well I see. And that new bionic eye should prove most useful for this next exercise. Tell me, how many hour
    111 KB (18,191 words) - 13:42, 12 May 2020
  • ..., [[Colonel]] [[Straken]]'s nickname "Iron Hand" comes from the [[bionic]] arm which replaced the one he lost to a [[Miral]] [[Land Shark]]{{Fn|7h}}, whil *Colonel ''''Iron Hand'''' [[Straken]] - Regimental leader with chest and arm Bionics.
    30 KB (4,480 words) - 18:20, 5 January 2021
  • ...a built-in [[Heavy Flamer]] attached to [[Huron Blackheart]]'s [[bionic]] arm.
    11 KB (1,646 words) - 00:23, 31 December 2021
  • ...e was grievously wounded in this duel, as Ugulhard severed Yarrick's right arm with a swipe from his [[Power Klaw]]. Such a wound would have killed a less ...h the same [[Power Klaw]] that had taken it, specially modified to fit his arm. It is powerful enough to kill in one swipe{{Fn|1a}}.
    10 KB (1,608 words) - 20:35, 13 January 2022
  • ...is armed with a [[Power Axe]] and the ''[[Tyrant's Claw]]'', a monstrous [[bionic]] [[Power Fist]] with a built-in [[heavy flamer]].{{Fn|1}} Huron's bionic arm seems to have switched from his left to his right side over time.
    6 KB (961 words) - 01:47, 23 February 2021
  • ...own as [[Mad Dok Grotsnik]] who replaced that part of his cranium with a [[bionic]] device. Somehow this device may have enabled Ghazghkull's latent [[psychi ...led to the deaths of more [[human]]s. Yarrick ordered shuttle runs to help arm the north, the pilots skipping out of the atmosphere and back in again befo
    17 KB (2,687 words) - 08:58, 26 September 2020
  • ...as is a Veteran Sergeant among the Red Scorpions, he has a [[bionic]] left arm and wields a [[power weapon]]. His [[Power Armour#Mark 4 "Imperial Maximus
    18 KB (2,822 words) - 18:29, 10 January 2022
  • ...]] in single combat, crushing the degenerate xenos’ head in his whirring bionic fist.{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|5}} ...d dozens of wounds in the line of duty, amongst the most serious being the arm he lost to the Miral land shark. Ever willing to turn a weakness into a str
    9 KB (1,465 words) - 19:14, 21 August 2019
  • * '''Flaming Arm''' - a arm of the gifted is replaced with the flaming arm of a [[Flamer of Tzeentch]], and is able to project blasts of flame.{{Fn|8} *[[Tyrant's Claw]] - bionic limb that replaced the original arm of [[Huron Blackheart]].{{Fn|9e}}
    22 KB (3,621 words) - 00:20, 27 October 2020
  • ...ody parts, brain implants, cybernetic weaponry and other devices. Although bionic parts are mechanical, many of them do use the user's bloodstream, nerve end There is no standard level of bionic technology throughout the Imperium - many bionics are clumsy and inefficien
    10 KB (1,518 words) - 09:55, 20 June 2021
  • ...hancements and his armour's backpack is also upgraded with several [[servo-arm]]s and [[mechadendrite]]s. His armour bears the rust-red colours of the [[A Image:Signum.jpg|[[Bionic]] augmentation including a Mark 3 [[Signum]] that is often used by Techmari
    6 KB (764 words) - 10:39, 24 January 2022
  • ...he spirit of the Iron Wolf. Concluding this act the hand his replaced by a bionic replacement and their induction into the Iron Priesthood is complete.{{Fn|6 Beyond the standard [[Servo-Arm]], in battle Iron Priests wield mighty [[Thunder Hammer]]s and [[Helfrost P
    3 KB (512 words) - 21:53, 29 November 2021
  • ...ogy of cybernetic implants. In fact, Orks probably have a greater range of bionic parts than any other race. ...uries their patient suffered they may just replace the missing part with a bionic one, similar to imperial [[bionics]]. But sometimes the Dok's imagination m
    9 KB (1,428 words) - 15:45, 3 May 2021
  • ...st the Nightbringer and its [[Necron]] bodyguards, Pasanius lost his right arm to the C'tan's blade, but survived the battle.{{citethis}} Pasanius received a [[bionic]] replacement arm, but was troubled because it felt unusually cold to the touch, and looked l
    9 KB (1,353 words) - 10:32, 4 March 2021
  • ...s [[bionic]] arm, equipped with a built-in [[Power Fist]]. The loss of the arm is claimed to be the work of [[Kharn the Betrayer]].{{Fn|4a}} ...mane" during his [[Test of Morkai]]. Berek's last name is derived from his bionic attachment{{Fn|4a}}.
    5 KB (842 words) - 19:37, 13 May 2019
  • ...]] [[flechette blaster]] round and had it replaced by a [[Imperial bionics|bionic]].{{Cite this}}
    4 KB (599 words) - 21:30, 19 January 2022
  • ...[[bionic]] weapon forged for [[Huron Blackheart]] after he lost his right arm. ...ut by the [[heavy flamer]] which produces bursts of fire directly from his bionic palm, making it seem like he is summoning blasts from his hands.{{Fn|1}}
    1 KB (202 words) - 04:42, 1 February 2019
  • ...eather mask (which compliments his advanced bionic lungs) and two advanced bionic eyes incorporating a motion tracker, a bio-scanner and range-finder gunsigh
    2 KB (232 words) - 18:16, 2 March 2020
  • ...Imperial]] [[Castellan]], [[Colonel]] [[Vauban]], despite losing his right arm to Vauban's [[power sword]]. In the aftermath, The Warsmith berated [[Forri ...oners were sent to be tortured by the [[Savage Morticians]], and Pasanius' arm was cut off for Honsou to wear. Honsou later became enraged with the Savage
    15 KB (2,399 words) - 20:55, 1 January 2021
  • ...logy, often to get out of tight situations. He also has a [[bionic]] right arm, no doubt with [[digital weapon]]s attached.{{Fn|1}}
    2 KB (265 words) - 17:13, 30 December 2021

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