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  • ...ks attack, and the Ultramarines, massively outnumbered, retreat out of the cave to the Thunderhawks which have now arrived in the wake of the Orbital Bomba
    11 KB (1,650 words) - 00:03, 8 March 2013
  • |align=center|'''We are like echoes in a cave, or waves upon the water: performing our part every time we are called. We
    26 KB (4,289 words) - 08:46, 6 June 2021
  • ...s reality has been shaken to his core. Found in the shadows of a pitiless cave, Vossk relives his tale to his rescuer. But trauma stalks the weary, and in
    2 KB (205 words) - 18:50, 1 May 2020
  • ...a weak point in the rocks to collapse, dropping Xerill into an underground cave. The fall did little damage to the Techmarine, but he was cut off from his ...n his investigation or he would lose all that he had discovered should the cave collapse, burying him alive.{{Fn|1}}
    6 KB (918 words) - 12:48, 27 May 2019
  • ...gants remain a threat once a Tyranid assault has been defeated since every cave, ruin, or path of undergrowth that surviving defenders pass by could concea
    3 KB (480 words) - 10:44, 5 January 2021
  • *[[Cave Bear]]{{Fn|5b}}
    15 KB (2,294 words) - 19:33, 7 October 2021
  • ...e fortress and central headquarters of [[The Order]]. It began as a simple cave that a great forgotten warrior used to fortify himself and others from the
    8 KB (1,191 words) - 20:38, 5 April 2021
  • ...fore he could be a threat. The ritual however was ultimately flawed, and a cave-in trapped the Librarians for the rest of the battle.{{Fn|7}}
    8 KB (1,280 words) - 19:05, 29 January 2021
  • ...Leech, Sewerstalker, Scuttler, Clawfiend, Ghost {{Fn|2c}}, Snatcher-devil, Cave Nightmare, Clawed Changeling {{Fn|10b}}
    16 KB (2,432 words) - 04:16, 16 March 2021
  • ...od, a dread beast that had killed dozens of the Chapter’s recruits. In a cave filled with the remains of Fenrisian warriors, Logan jammed a broken bone i
    11 KB (1,815 words) - 13:16, 8 June 2021
  • ...of their exploration, Saul's company was ambushed in a zone so deep in the cave network that even the light from the bacteria had waned. The attackers were ...ordered his [[flamer]]s to advance towards the front. His men cleansed the cave system of the repugnant creatures, burning them down in their thousands.
    3 KB (564 words) - 14:37, 30 January 2018
  • ...ere are attacked by [[mutant]]s known as "nightgangers." Deeper within the cave, they are shocked to find a temple to [[Tzeentch]], where they are confront When they limp out of the mouth of the cave, they are surprised to see the entire [[chapter]] arrayed for battle outsid
    10 KB (1,560 words) - 04:26, 2 October 2020
  • ...vyer Jubal]], claiming he sees Samus. Confused, Loken confronts Jubal in a cave inside the stronghold, talking nonsense. With a smile, Jubal raises his [[b
    20 KB (3,182 words) - 23:04, 21 February 2021
  • ...iners in some of the lower tunnels. Kasteen is worried that there may be a cave opening that will let the Orks bypass their defenses, and Cain volunteers t
    17 KB (2,729 words) - 22:40, 30 September 2020
  • ..., the Guardsmen slay the Warboss, but when they run back to the surface, a cave-in has blocked the exit. Greiss sacrifices himself against a fresh wave of
    4 KB (689 words) - 15:13, 15 June 2019
  • ...an when a warrior forgotten by time built a shelter from the Beasts around cave. More slowly joined him, until it grew to a settlement known as [[Aldurukh]
    8 KB (1,302 words) - 00:07, 8 February 2021
  • ...ystal payload at supersonic speeds. The shot collides with enough force to cave in enemy tanks, and also releases a residue of the electrostatic firing cha
    2 KB (278 words) - 11:24, 29 June 2021
  • ...to eradicate the Orks, engaging them with his remaining Battle-Brothers in cave-to-carve fighting. However Kantor's attacks only served in uniting the disp
    12 KB (1,792 words) - 21:18, 12 April 2021
  • ...d Cypher]] during an expedition. His mind drifted to the past about an old cave with a wizard before awakening again. Moving through an opening, he came up
    9 KB (1,548 words) - 07:36, 12 April 2021
  • ...king his footprints) slammed into him and pitched him over the edge of the cave roof into the circle of wolves below. Canis then beat Jorek unconscious and
    3 KB (543 words) - 22:34, 13 May 2019

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