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  • #redirect [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III]]
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  • Quotes made by members of the [[Astra Militarum]] (Imperial Guard) and [[PDF]]. .... They shall also look to the defense of the Imperium, and the prosecution of such wars as the Emperor in His wisdom shall decree.'''''
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  • |Fortress-Monastery=[[Fortress of Hera]] ...ers]] {{Fn|86}}, [[Vindicators]], [[Void Tridents]], [[White Consuls]]{{Fn|3}}
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  • ...of the [[Ultramarines]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] (later [[Chapter]]) of the [[Adeptus Astartes]]. ...|Fourth Company]]. Temporarily acted as captain of the 4th in the absence of [[Uriel Ventris]]. Leads a [[Tactical Squad]] known as ''The Guardians''.
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  • |Name=Sons of Horus |Colours=Green (Sons of Horus), White (Luna Wolves)
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  • ...ation of a Codex-Compliant Space Marine [[Chapter]] since the introduction of [[Primaris Space Marines]]{{Fn|20a}}]] ...pages devoted to how it may be met and overcome. The wisdom of thousands of Imperial warriors has contributed to the Codex, and details on everything f
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  • ...he most knowledgeable of the Chapter's history and traditions.{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|3}} ...earliest known Space Marine battle Psykers were the [[Host of Pentacles]] of the [[First Legion]] during the [[Unification Wars]]. However these warrior
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  • The '''''Litany of Fury''''' is a [[Battle Barge]] in service with the [[Blood Ravens]] [[Chap *[[List of Battle Barges]]
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  • ...previous incarnations, they wills till see widespread battlefield use.{{Fn|3}} File:Looted land raida.jpg|Looted [[Land Raider]]{{Fn|3}}
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  • ...ights]]{{Fn|57a}}, [[Sanguine Host]], [[Scions of Sanguinius]], [[Templars of Blood]]{{Fn|18}} |Battle Cry='''''"By the Blood of Sanguinius!"'''''{{Fn|1a}} or '''''"For The Emperor and Sanguinius!'''''" {
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  • ...g|thumb|right|300px|[[Space Marine]] ship alongside the Space Hulk ''[[Sin of Damnation]]'']] ...t ships and wrecks fused together. They drift through space and in and out of the warp and during the millennia the lost ships join together into one eno
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  • ...ed Templars]], [[Retributors]]{{Fn|72}}, [[Sons of Dorn]]{{Fn|24}}, [[Sons of the Phoenix]], [[Subjugators]], [[Soul Drinkers]], [[Venom Thorns]], [[Whi |Battle Cry='''''"Primarch-Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of him on earth!"'''''
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  • |Chapter Master=[[Jubal Khan]] {{Fn|3}} ...riors]]{{Fn|16}}, [[Marauders]], [[Rampagers]],<br>[[Solar Hawks]], [[Sons of Jaghatai]], [[Storm Lords]], [[Storm Reapers]], [[Storm Callers]] (Potentia
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  • ...e are talking now of the most ruthless, ambitious, unscrupulous collection of rogues ever culled from a million planets. This is the place they have come ...ilgrims tread upon is considered holy. It is effectively a temple the size of a planet.
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  • ...en's Watch]], [[Revilers]], [[Rift Stalkers]], [[Shadow Haunters]], [[Sons of the Raven]] (''speculated''), [[Storm Hawks]], [[Storm Wings]] The '''Raven Guard''' were the '''XIX Legion''' of the original [[Space Marine Legion]]s. Their [[Primarch]] is [[Corvus Corax
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  • ...he best armour and weapon and swore a holy duty to challenge the Champions of Chaos, and triumphed over all he met in battle.{{Fn|1}} ...Jaghatai Khan]] of the [[White Scars]] sided with Guilliman. Again, civil war threatened to split the [[Imperium]].{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...ns]]. They were the first of the nine Legions which betrayed the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]], becoming the first known [[Chaos Space Marine|Chaos Spac ...nes, notable for using [[Dark Apostle|Dark Apostles]], a corrupted version of Space Marine [[Chaplain|Chaplains]], to inspire their Marines and their [[c
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  • |Homeworld Current=They have no known central base of operations, but are known to have set up secret positions within Imperial s |Chaos God=Unknown, though they do make use of [[Daemon]]s{{Fn|1f}}
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  • |Homeworld Current=Scattered, many in the [[Eye of Terror]]{{Fn|2a}} |Colours=Blue-black with imagery of death
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  • |Homeworld Current=None. Scattered since the battle of [[Skalathrax]] ...nd taking skulls in the name of their god. After the catastrophic [[Battle of Skalathrax]], they were scattered into disparate [[Chaos Space Marine Legio
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  • ...e than mystically animated suits of [[Power Armour|armour]] barely capable of being termed as anything more sentient than automata.{{Fn|1}} ...strong in heretical [[psychic powers]], the Thousand Sons are now a legion of ghosts led by the damned.
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