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  • |Homeworld Current=They have no known central base of operations, but are known to have set up secret positions within Imperial s |Chaos God=Unknown, though they do make use of [[Daemon]]s{{Fn|1f}}
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  • |Homeworld Current=None. Scattered since the battle of [[Skalathrax]] ...nd taking skulls in the name of their god. After the catastrophic [[Battle of Skalathrax]], they were scattered into disparate [[Chaos Space Marine Legio
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  • ...Badab War]]. They were granted the Emperor's forgiveness at the conclusion of the conflict. The '''Mantis Warriors''' were founded as part of the 598.[[M35]] [[founding]], created to help relieve the [[White Scars]] i
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  • ...]<br>[[Iron Warriors]]<br>[[Alpha Legion]]<br>[[Legio Mortis]]<br>Millions of Traitor Army personnel ...e irrevocably committed to galactic civil war. The effects and aftermaths of the battle - particularly amongst the [[Legiones Astartes]] - would still b
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  • '''Fuegan''' is an [[Eldar]] [[Phoenix Lord]] and was the founder of the [[Fire Dragon]] [[Aspect]].{{Fn|2}} ...destruction itself. It is said that Fuegan will call together the Phoenix Lords for the [[Rhana Dandra]], the final conflict, and that he will be the last
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  • [[Image:SoSSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|100px|Sisters of Silence symbol{{Fn|16}}]] ...l by [[Roboute Guilliman]] in [[M41]].{{Fn|12}} Its ranks consist entirely of [[Blank]]s.
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  • The following is a list of known [[Space Hulk]]s. The listed names are the codenames which the [[Impe ...s successfully stop Chaos Space Marines from invading the [[Shrine World]] of Salamantis VI, in the Salamantis System. By placing explosives in precise l
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  • ...|Malcador the Sigillite]] was convened on [[Terra]] following the outbreak of the [[Horus Heresy]].{{fn|5}} ..., it was disbanded along with the Council of Terra during the reformations of [[Roboute Guilliman]].{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...he [[Emperor]] and turned to worship of the [[Chaos Gods]]. This is a list of all known [[Chaos Space Marine]] Legions, [[Chapter]]s and Warbands. | [[White Dwarf 286 (UK)]], pg. 71 - ''Eye of the Storm - White Scars''
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  • Notable characters of the [[Horus Heresy]] *[[Emperor of Mankind]] - Ruler of the [[Imperium]]
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  • |Name =Throne of Lies |Image =Throne-of-Lies.jpg
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  • This is a list of the [[Space Marine]] [[Chapter]]s, [[Renegade Space Marine]] forces and [[ ...of chapters has grown, and is said to number around a thousand at the time of the 41st Millennium.
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  • [[Image:OrdoReductorSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|Symbol of the Ordo Reductor]] ..., also known as the '''Bringers of Blessed Ruin''', is a military division of the [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] known for shock assaults, siege warfare, and bli
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  • ...ften ride [[Disc of Tzeentch|Discs]] or [[Burning Chariot|Burning Chariots of Tzeentch]] into battle.{{Fn|1}} Variants include [[Fateskimmer|Fateskimmers ...casters serve in more mundane and less frustrating roles, guarding sources of magical power or overseeing repairs within the [[Crystal Labyrinth]].{{Fn|1
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  • ...demanded his due... and promptly razed Skartos and his entire warband into oblivion.{{Fn|1}} *[[List of Chaos Lords]]
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  • '''{{PAGENAME}}''', known as '''The Schemer''', is a [[Lord of Change]].{{Fn|1}} ...es in some greater game. Skra‚Äôkalichaust has made bargains with a number of Warbands within the Vortex, granting them power or passage from one world t
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  • A [[List of Lists|list]] of known [[Chaos Dreadnought]]s. ...|| || [[Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game (game system)]]''': Siege of Malogrim Hive'''
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  • '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Sorcerer Lord]] of the [[Black Legion]].{{Fn|1}} ...liever in Abaddon's cause, Xorphas has a burning hatred for the [[Imperium of Man]]. Some whisper that he is far older than he appears, and in the past s
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  • |Base of operations= The '''Butcherhorde''' is a warband of [[World Eaters]] [[Chaos Space Marines]].
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