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  • ...y you want to dilute it a little so that it is close to the consistency of milk.
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  • ...ir presence is often given away by the nauseating smell of a mix of rancid milk and crushed mint, believed to be some kind of chemical secretion exuded in
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  • ...bstantial wealth for Styger dairy farmers who, before the discovery of the milk's benefits, were nothing more than peasants. Now the dairy farmers have gro
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  • ...ng it while it's distracted drinking from the pasture's rivers of mother's milk or scented oils. If a hunter can sneak close to a steed, they can use a cha
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  • The Ratskins capture the poisonous albino blindsnake, and then milk its venom. This they mix with a collection of miscellaneous fungi, which is
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  • ...twenty metres across and the air smells of ozone, sanctified oil, curdled milk and old blood. A grilled floor is suspended over a pit full of humming mach
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  • The '''Pale Stalker''' is the name given to an extremely powerful milk-white [[Slaanesh]] [[Keeper of Secrets]], that took part in the [[War of Be
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  • ...rdeii]], the last [[Warden of the Pharos]] - specifically Benvis delivered milk to Oberdeii when the Warden's [[bovid]] took ill. When [[Chaplain]] [[Sega
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