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  • ...tful of each other and each League claims that it is still owed heavily in blood and honour by the other.{{Fn|2b}} ...Angels]] from allying with ''Squats''{{Fn|40a}} while allowing it to the [[Blood Angels]]{{Fn|40b}}
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  • ...nd have large bulbous heads with tattered ears which flatten when they are scared. They have sharp fanged jaws which are their best physical weapon. They hav File:Bloodaxe-gretchin.jpg|[[Blood Axes]]{{Fn|}}
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  • ...]] [[Lucien Wilder]] allowed him to step back in. He was captured by the [[Blood Pact]] during intense fighting in [[Hinzerhaus]] on [[Jago]] and assumed de ...mmando skills, having taken out a [[Chaos Dreadnought]] and assassinated [[Blood Pact]] warlord [[Sagittar Slaith]].
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  • ...ulcha Squad]]. He has a famously bad temper and his squad are usually more scared of his temper than their enemies. His squad gets its name from his personal ...truk and his Vulcha Squad were employed by [[Warboss|Warlord]]s from the [[Blood Axes]] when the [[Ork Empire of Octarius]] became infested with [[Genesteal
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  • ...ove the wreckage of [[Prospero]] during the [[Horus Heresy]]. Weakened and scared, Mortarion orders his Death Guard to the planet [[Terathalion]] in search o ...arch. The Khan responded that they were all sons of the Emperor and of his blood, sharing in his power and form. Mortarion then threw the Khan off balance b
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  • ...hough the Orks of Grukk’s tribe would never admit it, they are all a bit scared of Grukk, and rightly so. No one wants to lose face in front of his mates, ...id enough to question his rule. Grukk is always encrusted with the clotted blood of those he has killed. He never wipes it off, either, considering such act
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