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  • ...radon|Charadonian Empire]], who jumped into the area by accident and could not plot a way out. They took over several dozen worlds and fractured into sev ...It's possible that the region simply was lost or forgotten as opposed to a canonical error.
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  • It is not possible for either The Commander or [[Davian Thule]] to be the traitor. ...us]] nor [[Martellus]] nor [[Tarkus]] nor [[Jonah Orion]]{{Fn|3}} were the canonical traitor. However is hinted that [[Avitus]] is the traitor.{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...visit the Abode of the Ancestors: a perilous journey from which they were not expected to return. Running Deer, failing to convince him to stay with her, ...who by this time had been living as a simple tribal for ten years - would not survive another century.{{Cite This}}
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  • ...ns made by player in ''[[Dawn of War II]]'' and ''[[Chaos Rising]]'' could not be imported to ''Retribution''.{{Fn|7}} ...at it is [[Avitus]] who was the traitor. This storyline is consistent with canonical ending of ''[[Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising]]'' and explains why [[Force Co
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  • ...[[Taelos]] says that "in the estimation of most within the Chapter, it was not until Rhetoricus codified the Rites of Battle that the accumulated wisdom o *"Do we bemoan such losses? No! We are the Fists! We do not need to hibernate or spit venom. We crush our enemies!"{{Cite This}}
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  • ...at Hawser may have been developed as a future agent for over 50 years—if not his entire life.{{Fn|1b}} It is understood that the contact on the Lemuryan .... While they recognized his innocence and their respect for him they could not allow him to continue as an active member of the Legion. As such, he was pl
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