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  • ...were modified with help of the DNA samples of a single [[Primarch]]. As a Primarch was found, he would receive the [[Legion Master|command]] of his respective ...the twenty Legions were created from [[gene-seed]] derived from a single [[Primarch]], which were themselves maturing deep under the Himalayan Mountains before
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  • ...ad Curze at the hands of an Imperial [[Assassin]]. Since the loss of their primarch the Night Lords have based themselves in the [[Eye of Terror]] and now oper |Primarch=[[Konrad Curze]] aka '''Night Haunter'''
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  • ...oted to the position by the [[Emperor]]. One of the known Thunder Warriors Primarch's was [[Ushotan]].{{Fn|33}} *{{Main|Primarch Project}}
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  • ...mperor created the [[Space Marine Legion]]s after He had lost His twenty [[Primarch|sons]]. Every Legion was made at least 10,000 Marines strong bolstered by t Following the Horus Heresy's aftermath the Primarch of the [[Ultramarines]], [[Roboute Guilliman]], wrote a mighty tome of wisd
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  • ...s.{{Fn|1}} It was named after [[Leman Russ (primarch)|Leman Russ]], the [[Primarch]] of the [[Space Wolves]].{{Fn|10}} ...Wolves, who recovered the STC and named its fruit in the honor of their [[Primarch]].{{Fn|12}}
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  • File:Fallen-angels.jpg|[[Fallen Angels (Novel)|XI. ''Fallen Angels'']] (2009)<br>by [[Mike Lee]] ...y: The Primarchs]] is a series in which each book will cover a different [[Primarch]] before the coming of the [[Horus Heresy]].
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  • ...e Marine Legion]]s, numbered '''II''' and '''XI''', and their respective [[Primarch]]s, as their records are simply noted as having been "expunged" or "destroy **The only exception to this is the Primarch [[Konrad Curze]], who survived utterly alone (and whose background, in any
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  • Priad then led a rescue party to the Primarch's Causeway on [[Ithaka]] to save Khiron from the oethanar. Braving the rety **{{Endn|1e}}: One: VI-XI
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  • | [[Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch]], Chapter 2: War Zone Ultramar | [[Talon of Horus (Novel)]], Chapter XI
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  • **[[Lion El'Jonson]] - [[Primarch]] **[[Jaghatai Khan]] - [[Primarch]]
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  • ...adequate to follow in her footsteps. Eventually [[Ecclesiarch]] [[Equitus XI]] was forced to intervene, he ordered the leaders of each of the Orders to ...ion of the Abbess for not only the [[Indomitus Crusade]], but his coming [[Primarch's Scourge|purge]] of Imperial bureaucracy.{{Fn|6}} This new Abbess also pet
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  • |[[Leman Russ (Primarch)|Leman Russ]] | [[Gathering Storm: Rise of the Primarch]], Chapter 2: War Zone Ultramar
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  • *[[Lorgar]], Primarch{{Fn|1e}} *[[Tech-Adept]] [[Xi-Nu 73]] KIA De Profundis{{Fn|1g}}
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  • ...p]]||[[Gloriana Class Battleship|Gloriana]]||Pre-Heresy||Flagship of the [[Primarch]] [[Konrad Curze]], and of the Night Lords [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]].| **{{Endn|3a}}: Chapter XI
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