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  • ...ngels of Absolution''' are a [[Second Founding]] [[Chapter]] of the [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|5a}} |Name=Angels of Absolution
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  • |subject=unit of Space Marines ...]. As a Primarch was found, he would receive the [[Legion Master|command]] of his respective Legion.
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  • |Name=Dark Angels ...Fn|46b}}, [[Knights of the Crimson Order]], [[Lions Sable]], [[Persecutors of Darkness]],<br>[[Repentant Brotherhood]]<br>[[Star Phantoms]] (Suspected)
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  • ...hapters created before or during [[Age of Apostasy]] as during the [[Reign of Blood]] many Imperial records were shamelessly destroyed forever{{Fn|11c}}. ...[[Emperor]] Himself during the [[Horus Heresy]]{{Fn|10a}}, and the [[Sons of Medusa]], who were ratified by unprecedented edict in 011.[[M37]]{{Fn|3c}}.
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  • ...Heresy]]{{Fn|1}}, in 021.[[M31]]. This [[Founding]] involved the division of the existing Space Marine Legions into the smaller, autonomous Chapters int ...nd traditions distinct from their Progenitors, while still remaining proud of their roots.{{Fn|1}}
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  • |disambiguation=Scythes of the Emperor |Name=Scythes of the Emperor
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  • |Far eastern rim of the [[Galaxy]] assaulted by an [[Ork]] [[Waaagh!]] |Two [[High Lords of Terra]] assassinated.
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  • |Founding=During the [[War of the Beast]]{{Fn|29}} ...ter Master was known as the [[Watch Commander]] but today multiple holders of the title exist
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  • ...ruses|USE=Fallen Space Marines|OTHERUSE=Novel by Mike Lee|OTHERPAGE=Fallen Angels (Novel)}} ...ade warlords, while some have since regretted their heresy and live a life of peaceful seclusion.{{Fn|10}}
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  • ...ngels of Absolution''' are a [[Second Founding]] [[Chapter]] of the [[Dark Angels]].{{Fn|5a}} |Name=Angels of Absolution
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  • ...of keeper of secrets and traditions. The current Cypher is said to be one of [[The Fallen]]. ...against the [[Imperium]], an ally or enemy to those who betrayed the Dark Angels. Cypher does not always work alone, at times seeming to ally or associate h
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  • [[Image:AstartesMap.jpg|thumb|right|220px|Map of Adeptus Astartes Homeworlds]] ...f the chapter planet, in which case the Chapter Master also holds the rank of [[Planetary Governor]].{{Fn|1}} Chapter Planets are exempt from normal Impe
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  • ...'''Victory does not always rest with the big guns, but if we rest in front of them we shall be lost.''''' |source=—'''Lord Commander Argentius, Chapter Master of the Silver Skulls'''{{Fn|6d}}{{Fn|13}}
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  • ...' are a [[fleet-based]] [[Space Marine Chapter]], operating at the fringes of galactic space.{{Fn|1}} ...t for a series of close-fought boarding actions, as well as for the rescue of the [[3rd Company (Ultramarines)|Ultramarines Third Company]].{{Fn|3a}}
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  • A list of [[Space Marine]] [[Battle Barges]] |align=center|''[[Vow of Absolution]]''
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  • ...]]{{Fn|1}}) took part in the Crusade, intended to liberate the star system of [[Corinth]] from the [[Ork]] Warlord, [[Skargor the Despoiler]]. The overal ...[[Chapter Ancient]], [[Galatan]], stormed the breach carrying the [[Banner of Macragge]]. Thousands died in the nine-day effort to storm the breach. Sk
    3 KB (369 words) - 14:19, 18 January 2020
  • [[Chapter Master|Chapter Masters]] are the leaders of [[Space Marine Chapter|Space Marine Chapters]]. |First '''Chapter Master''' of the Absolvers.
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  • The following is a list of known [[Space Hulk]]s. The listed names are the codenames which the [[Impe ...s successfully stop Chaos Space Marines from invading the [[Shrine World]] of Salamantis VI, in the Salamantis System. By placing explosives in precise l
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  • ...ought''' is a rare [[Space Marine Dreadnought]] pattern used by the [[Dark Angels]] and their [[Unforgiven|successor chapters]]. Its origins and why only the ...Space Marine Legions]] deployed the large assault spearheads made entirely of Dreadnoughts and this sub-type was much needed dedicated a fire support dur
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  • ...g the downfall of [[Caliban]] and the corruption of a number of the [[Dark Angels]] [[Legion]] under [[Luther]]. {{Fn|1a}} ...llies the Dark Angels keep their own company, lest someone learn something of their shameful history by mistake and let their greatest secret escape.{{Fn
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  • ...rom being able to control so many troops ever again. Over time, the number of chapters has grown, and is said to number a thousand. This is a pictorial list of the chapters named by Games Workshop in official texts, and does not includ
    33 KB (4,217 words) - 23:15, 2 June 2020

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