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  • #redirect [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III]]
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  • Quotes made by members of the [[Astra Militarum]] (Imperial Guard) and [[PDF]]. .... They shall also look to the defense of the Imperium, and the prosecution of such wars as the Emperor in His wisdom shall decree.'''''
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  • ...formation of the [[Tyrannic War Veterans]], comprised entirely of veterans of battles with the [[Tyranid]]s. The Ultramarines are possibly the most impor |Fortress-Monastery=[[Fortress of Hera]]
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  • ...of the [[Ultramarines]] [[Space Marine Legion|Legion]] (later [[Chapter]]) of the [[Adeptus Astartes]]. ...eran]] detachment that fought under [[Ortan Cassius]] to liberate the city of [[Skemarchus]] from the [[Ork]]s. Killed by an Ork [[Gargant]]
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  • ...ation of a Codex-Compliant Space Marine [[Chapter]] since the introduction of [[Primaris Space Marines]]{{Fn|18}}]] ...pages devoted to how it may be met and overcome. The wisdom of thousands of Imperial warriors has contributed to the Codex, and details on everything f
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  • ...he most knowledgeable of the Chapter's history and traditions.{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|3}} ...}}, [[World Eaters]]{{Fn|18}}, and [[Raven Guard]]{{Fn|19}} Legions. Some of the [[Primarch]]s were against using psykers in the Space Marine Legions at
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  • File:Looted land raida.jpg|Looted [[Land Raider]]{{Fn|3}} File:Looted leman russ.jpg|Looted [[Leman Russ Battle Tank|Leman Russ]]{{Fn|3}}
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  • ...arly well known for their bloodthirsty nature in battle. They are also one of the most long-lived Chapters, and have a refined aesthetic sense. ...n|22}} [[Knights of Blood (Chapter)|Knights of Blood]],{{Fn|4l}} [[Knights of the Chalice]],
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  • ...g|thumb|right|300px|[[Space Marine]] ship alongside the Space Hulk ''[[Sin of Damnation]]'']] ...t ships and wrecks fused together. They drift through space and in and out of the warp and during the millennia the lost ships join together into one eno
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  • ...ring the Horus Heresy, the Imperial Fists are also known as the "Defenders of Terra." {{Fn|40}} ...], [[Rechista Fists]], [[Red Templars]], [[Sons of Dorn]]{{Fn|24}}, [[Sons of the Phoenix]], [[Subjugators]], [[Soul Drinkers]], [[Venom Thorns]], [[Whi
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  • ...vagery of their homeworld, the White Scars practice a highly mobile method of warfare, tearing into their enemies with lightning-quick attacks and vanish |Chapter Master=[[Jubal Khan]] {{Fn|3}}
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  • ...e are talking now of the most ruthless, ambitious, unscrupulous collection of rogues ever culled from a million planets. This is the place they have come ...ilgrims tread upon is considered holy. It is effectively a temple the size of a planet.
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  • The '''Raven Guard''' were the '''XIX Legion''' of the original [[Space Marine Legion]]s. Their [[Primarch]] is [[Corvus Corax ...e outbreak of the [[Horus Heresy]] and survived only by the most desperate of measures.
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  • ...ns]]. They were the first of the nine Legions which betrayed the [[Emperor of Mankind|Emperor]], becoming the first known [[Chaos Space Marine|Chaos Spac ...nes, notable for using [[Dark Apostle|Dark Apostles]] (a corrupted version of Space Marine [[Chaplain|Chaplains]]) to inspire their Marines and their [[c
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  • ...turned to [[Chaos]], the Alpha Legion were renowned as the most secretive of all the Legions. The Alpha Legion's most closely guarded secret, unbeknowns |Homeworld Current=They have no known central base of operations, but are known to have set up secret positions within Imperial s
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  • ...of Terror]] and now operate as a fragmented terror force who seem to go to war only to slaughter or acquire material possessions.{{Fn|1a}} ...power{{Fn|1a}}; indeed, many of them consider themselves free of the taint of Chaos and despise those they deem to be so corrupted.{{Fn|2}}
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  • ...nd taking skulls in the name of their god. After the catastrophic [[Battle of Skalathrax]], they were scattered into disparate [[Chaos Space Marine Legio ...ombat]] fighters in the [[galaxy]], amongst whom are counted large numbers of the infamous [[Khorne Berserker]]s. They are also the only known legion to
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  • ...e than mystically animated suits of [[Power Armour|armour]] barely capable of being termed as anything more sentient than automata.{{Fn|1}} ...strong in heretical [[psychic powers]], the Thousand Sons are now a legion of ghosts led by the damned.
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  • ...cept when they are called together under Abaddon's banner to spearhead one of his notorious [[Black Crusades]].{{Fn|1}} ...rld Current=None. They operate from a dust nebula at the edge of the [[Eye of Terror]] {{Fn|21}}
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  • [[Image:NavisNobleSymbol.jpg|thumb|right|Emblem of the Navis Nobilite]] ...to navigate spacecraft through the [[warp]]. The Navis Nobilite are part of the [[Adeptus Terra]] and [[Imperial Fleet]].{{Fn|4}}
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  • ...ress cities of Cadia, which are called '''"Kasrs"''' in the native dialect of [[Low Gothic]].{{Cite this}} ...ide of battle has been turned by the precise firepower and iron discipline of the Kasrkin.{{Fn|2}}{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|7}}
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