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  • ...ies. His titles include the Lord of Rage, the Taker of Skulls and the Lord of Battle.{{Fn|16b}}{{Fn|17b}}{{Fn|20f}} ...Dark Tongue''' name, '''''"Kharneth"''''', meaning "Lord of Rage" or "Lord of Blood".{{Cite This}}
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  • [[File:Galaxy map Calixis Sector.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Galactic position of the Calixis Sector.]] ..., one of Angevin’s most capable generals, a man now revered as an [[List of Imperial Saints|Imperial Saint]]. It is the setting for the [[Dark Heresy R
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  • '''Scintilla''' is the sector capitol of the [[Calixis Sector]]. Its [[Imperial Guard]] [[Regiment]]s are known as t ...the hives themselves. Landmarks like [[Lucid Palace]] and the [[Cathedral of Illumination]], are famous throughout the Calixis Sector.
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  • '''Ramon Tikaram''' is a British actor of combined Indian-Fijian and Malaysian ancestry. ...ame of Thrones]]''. His prominent film roles include ''Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love''.
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  • '''Blood Thrones''' are a type of [[Khornate]] [[Daemon Engine]]. ...are manned by [[Bloodletter]]s, and upon its throne sits a mighty [[Herald of Khorne]]{{Fn|1}}
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