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  • ...ng with being the largest and most powerful Kabal, they are also the first Kabal to be founded.{{Fn|3}} |Warrior=Black Heart Kabal.jpg
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  • |Name =Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm |Series =[[Dawn of War (Series)|Dawn of War]]
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  • ...to survive the mighty Fall - and custodians of the hallowed Black Library of Chaos.''''' ...ringing enlightenment to their audiences and certain death to the servants of darkness.'''''
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  • ...ital of the [[Dark Eldar]] society. It's located deep within the labyrinth of the [[Webway]], the space between realspace and the [[Warp]].{{cite this}} ...coming under the oppressive rule of the noble houses that lurk within its heart.{{Fn|1b}}
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  • See Also: [[Battles of the Great Crusade (List)]] ...their race refit their starships into [[Craftworld]]s and leave the heart of their empire.
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  • *''See Also'': [[Timeline of the Horus Heresy]] ...] pg. 19; [[Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia (Novel)|Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia]] Chapters 13-15
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  • ...s of [[Colossus]] fleeing enslavement and try to settle inside the borders of the Imperium. After being declared ''xenos horribilis'' in the early 39th m ...Strikemaster and [[daemon prince]] [[Kernax Voldorius]] uses a [[Dark Age of Technology]]-era weapon called the [[Bloodtide]] to kill billions.
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  • |Far eastern rim of the [[Galaxy]] assaulted by an [[Ork]] [[Waaagh!]] |Two [[High Lords of Terra]] assassinated.
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  • ...u Empire]], and [[Tyranids]] of [[Hive Fleet Kraken]] in the closing years of [[M41]].{{Fn|1}} ...ng back the Tyranid advance. These abominations were soon aided by legions of [[Haemonculi]], [[Talos Pain Engine]]s, and [[Cronos Parasite Engine]]s.{{F
    4 KB (610 words) - 03:17, 14 December 2012
  • |Publisher =[[Black Library (BL Publishing)|Black Library]] |Collected in =[[Tales of Heresy (Anthology)|Tales of Heresy]]
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  • ...oncept as opposed to a letter. Even more complicated is the fact that many of these word-concepts have different meanings depending on the context in whi |align=center|May the blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination
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  • ...in 1998, and is for the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40,000. A revised version of the Codex was released in 2003 (see below). ...black and white, although there are usually several pages of colour images of miniatures.
    4 KB (543 words) - 02:18, 22 January 2020
  • '''Haemonculi''' are [[Dark Eldar]] masters of pain, agony, and biological manipulation.{{Fn|1}} ...n battle, provided enough of the body remains. Because of this, dark eldar of status will often make pacts with haemonculi, promising them fresh captives
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  • |Publisher =[[Black Library (BL Publishing)|Black Library]] ...]] and [[Andy Jones]]. It was first published in 2001 and is currently out of print, although several short stories were re-published in the anthologies
    9 KB (1,374 words) - 17:56, 8 June 2019
  • ...jpg|thumb|right|200px|'''Asdrubael Vect''', lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart]] ...he is therefore de-facto ruler of the city of [[Commorragh]] and the rest of the Dark Eldar race as a whole.
    6 KB (918 words) - 12:46, 30 June 2020
  • ...etical order using the speaker's name. Unattributed quotes are at the end of the list. ...es. Their innards were hung from control panels like grotesque decorations of some insane celebration. But not a single skull was to be found; taken as s
    14 KB (2,218 words) - 22:54, 28 January 2020
  • ...ng with being the largest and most powerful Kabal, they are also the first Kabal to be founded.{{Fn|3}} |Warrior=Black Heart Kabal.jpg
    4 KB (593 words) - 02:25, 22 January 2020
  • ...[[Dark Eldar Kabal]]. They make up the vast majority of the soldiers in a Kabal, and perform any and all tasks too important to leave to the slaves. ...just to sleep at, almost all citizens of [[Commorragh]] are Warriors in a Kabal. The small fraction left make up the [[Wych Cult]]s, [[Incubus]] and [[Haem
    6 KB (984 words) - 02:25, 22 January 2020
  • ...considered the single most powerful, ruthless, and cunning member of their Kabal, due to the fact that if there existed anyone who held greater ability in t ...empts are not only common, but frequent. The average Archon suffers dozens of assassination attempts before finally succumbing, and some have maintained
    6 KB (812 words) - 02:27, 22 January 2020
  • [[Image:Path-of-the-incubus-clean.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Incubus{{Fn|3}}]] ...bat, they act as personal bodyguards, protecting their client every second of the day. An Incubus wargroup-leader is known as a '''Klaivex'''.{{Fn|10}}
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  • Known kabals of the Dark Eldar: * [[Kabal of the All-Seeing Eye]]{{Fn|2}}{{Fn|6b}}
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