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  • ...hese chapters would keep the original legion's name and assets, though all of the Dark Angels descendants continue to work together to hunt [[The Fallen] ...venant]], [[Knights of the Crimson Order]], [[Lions Sable]], [[Persecutors of Darkness]],<br>[[Repentant Brotherhood]]<br>[[Star Phantoms]] (Suspected)
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  • See Also: [[Battles of the Great Crusade (List)]] ...their race refit their starships into [[Craftworld]]s and leave the heart of their empire.
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  • ...of keeper of secrets and traditions. The current Cypher is said to be one of [[The Fallen]]. ...collapse. The Cypher that appears in the fortieth millennium embodies many of these ancient tenets, although there has never been any absolute connection
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  • ...the [[primarch]] [[Lion El'Jonson]] before his reunion with the [[Emperor of Mankind]] and was ultimately absorbed by the [[Dark Angels]] [[Space Marine ...ined him, until it grew to a settlement known as [[Aldurukh]]. An order of knights gradually formed to protect the growing city from the beasts.{{Fn|3}}
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  • |Name =Descent of Angels ...ages of the [[Great Crusade]] and barely touches upon the immediate events of the [[Horus Heresy]] itself.
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  • ...n El'Jonson, Luther and the [[Lord Cypher]], Zahariel became a full member of the Order. ...d a measure of respect and even friendship from Lion El'Jonson. The leader of the Order had a special sword crafted for Zahariel, made from a razor-sharp
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  • |Preceded by =[[Tales of Heresy (Anthology)|Tales of Heresy]] ...world Diamat. But an ancient evil gathers its strength beneath the surface of Caliban, and the First Legion will soon be thrust into a deadly conflict wh
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  • ...k [[Chainsword]], that held silver runic teeth and was the personal weapon of the [[Primarch]] [[Lion El'Jonson]].{{Fn|1}} ...AGENAME}} with him when he left Caliban. The Primarch would later make use of the Chainsword's lethal teeth in the [[Horus Heresy]].{{Fn|1}}
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