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  • ...e it seem like the Blood Pact, not the Imperium, had attacked Anarch Sek's facility. The false-flag operation at Salvation's Reach, in concert with other missi ...Verghastite cap badge is an axe-rake to symbolise their former [[hive]]'s mining and industrial background. These pins and other badges that indicate rank o
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  • ...ion, as a coalition of [[Forge World]]s led by [[Mars]] and [[Graia]] sent mining fleets to exploit the vast belt of mineral rich asteroids known as the ''' *'''Kalkys Facility''' — It was used as a laboratory by [[Inquisitor]] [[Drogan]] before his
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  • ...chrymal]] penitentiary is converted from mining to a penal legion training facility.
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  • |The Prefect Majoris of the mining world [[Dlathus]] in the [[Hazeroth Abyss]] mistakes [[rogue trader]] Lady |[[Inquisitor]] Chaegryn travels to [[Ghosar Quintus]] to investigate the mining colony's suspected heretical turn from the Imperial Cult. After a violent e
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  • |Also a [[Mining World]] |Also - training facility of the [[Tempestus Scion]]
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  • ...mmed by the Quaalaback Spur Hydro-Electric Dam which provides power to the mining operations. The dam also splits the river into two. There is a way through ...nd past the Serestus River Refinery and the Serestus River Mineral Storage Facility and exits into the Boiling Sea via the B'taani Bay Penal Colony.{{citethis}
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  • |Class=[[Mining World]] ...1]]. It is currently run by a cartel of Imperial Allied Minerals and Ortog Mining.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...teen|Kasteen]] cuts through their bureaucratic meandering and declares the facility to be under martial law, allowing her to dictate the measures for the defen ...els, and retrieve Cain's team, which is uncomfortably close to the planned mining route.''
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  • ...planet's evacuation with the discovery of [[Necron]] activity beneath the facility, and coordinated a fighting retreat from the Orks, allowing the regiment to ...posed mining the route by which an [[Ork]] [[Gargant]] was approaching the facility, the refinery administrator warned about the dangers of damaging the refine
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  • ...s of [[Commissar]]-cadets to accompany a [[PDF]] unit sweeping an asteroid mining station orbiting the planet, which recently broke off contact. Since a spli ...to wipe them out, though Cain loses two of his cadets. After clearing the facility, Cain's nagging sense of unease refuses to go away; it only increases when
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  • *[[Kharlos]] — [[Mining World]] *[[Mastado]] — [[Mining World]]
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  • ...detonated, aggravating the demiurg mining machines that tunnel up into the facility and cause further chaos. Omegon kills the astropathic choir, preventing the Tenebrae station, a top-secret facility capable of manipulating the Warp built into a remote asteroid.
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  • ...t was one of several ships charged with gathering minerals from the mining facility Aes Metallum, on the frozen world of [[Ixya]]. While traveling to Ixya, the ...planet. The Necrons attacked Aes Metallum as the Gehenna crashed near the facility.{{Fn|1}}
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  • ...ian Chain. The only settlement on the planet was the [[Mechanicus]] mining facility Aes Metallum.{{Fn|1}} |Class=[[Tomb World]], former [[Mining World]]
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  • ...discovered [[Necron]] structures near the beacon and escaped to the mining facility Aes Metallum; while under attack by the [[Xenos]].{{Fn|1a}} ...and destroy the Xeno threat. The resulting explosion destroyed the mining facility and the attacking Necrons.{{Fn|1b}}
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  • ...[[Octiss System]]. It housed the '''Tenebrae Installation''', an asteroid facility used as an [[Alpha Legion]] base during the [[Horus Heresy]].{{Fn|1a}} ...leaking information to the Legion's enemies. After the destruction of the facility, the Warp calmed and the White Scars received word of Horus' rebellion.{{Fn
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  • ...After some consideration, the crew member selected [[Morten's Quay]]'s ice mining moon, [[Faith's Anchorage]]. Gruber then spoke to the Berwicke's Captain, Z ...e in thinking of them however and ordered his forces to fortify the mining facility as best they could. They then installed void shields, which would now force
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  • ..., he chose to have the remaining Cadians deploy on [[Morten's Quay]]'s ice mining moon, [[Faith's Anchorage]], for their last stand. Gruber then spoke to the Once the Cadians were on the moon, they fortified a mining facility, that had been damaged when the moon's population had been slain by the Cha
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