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  • ...hall also look to the defense of the Imperium, and the prosecution of such wars as the Emperor in His wisdom shall decree.''''' ...f the Imperium that virtually no veteran ever comes back from fighting its wars intact. Combat alone shreds nerves and shatters bodies. But the horrors o
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  • ...III Legion'''. The legion was created towards the end of the [[Unification Wars]], developed from a [[gene-seed]] that was noted to be absent of mutation a ...d a system of complex underground tunnels in the shape of an eight pointed star. At the center was a massive bunker intended to serve as a decoy and of no
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  • * [[Eucladus]] - [[Imperial Space Station|Star Fort]] ...rwhelm Ultramar in a series of plagues and invasions known as the [[Plague Wars]] and [[Invasion of Konor]]. The traitor forces, led by [[Mortarion]] would
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  • ...ple of Macragge to maintain contact with several neighboring human-settled star systems, despite the storms' fury, and so retain a tenuous link to the rest ===Plague Wars===
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  • ...[[Emperor]] and his gene-wrights in the closing days of the [[Unification Wars]] and the extinction of their predecessors, the [[Thunder Warrior]]s. The n |align=center|'''Star Hunters'''{{Fn|23}}
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  • ...rial Guard has endured the vast majority of the fighting in the Imperium's wars. Defending all fronts simultaneously, the Astra Militarum has crushed rebel *[[Order of the Iron Star of Mordian]] (Mordian)
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  • ...ons, the VIth was held back from most of the fighting in the [[Unification Wars]] and the conquest of the [[Sol System]]. The Emperor kept the Legion in de ...d century of the Great Crusade, the Space Wolves fought a series of secret wars against a variety of cosmic horrors. These included the [[Enslavers]], the
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  • ...ns Sable]], [[Persecutors of Darkness]],<br>[[Repentant Brotherhood]]<br>[[Star Phantoms]] (Suspected) ...[[Great Crusade]] across the galaxy, reuniting humanity and purging entire star systems of their alien oppressors. As the [[Imperium]]'s wave of conquest a
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  • ===The Unification Wars=== ...ce, they raised six hundred citadels on Terra. Veterans of the Unification Wars commonly displayed the campaign's badge on their power armor. {{Fn|45}}
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  • ...as the '''Horde of [[Jaghatai]]'''{{Fn|38b}}), originally known as the '''Star Hunters'''{{Fn|38a}} were the '''V Legion''' of the original twenty [[Space ===Unification Wars===
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  • *{{Main|Unification Wars}} Before the completion of the [[Unification Wars]], Terra was divided into several competing nations, including{{Fn|13}}:
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  • ..., [[Red Talons]], [[Sons of Medusa]]<sup>''Please see:''</sup>{{Fn|39}}, [[Star Dragons]] (speculated){{Fn|40b}} ...ne Legion|legion]] was created during the latter days of the [[Unification Wars]] on [[Terra]]. Recruitment bases at this time were spread widely all acros
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  • ...arines|Marines]]. The early IVth Legion proved itself in the [[Unification Wars]], making its domain one of the most stalwart bastions of the [[Emperor]]. *[[Wars of Flesh]]{{Fn|29}}
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  • ====Unification Wars==== ...III Legion''', were recruits gathered from Europa during the [[Unification Wars]]. Noble houses, such as House Loculus of Komarg, selected the finest of t
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  • ...eralds repeated this process all across [[Terra]] during the [[Unification Wars]]. This gave the Imperial Heralds a rarely-spoken nickname among the greate ...Colchis]], which he had eventually unified in a series of brutal religious wars in response to his visions of the Emperor's coming arrival. When the Empero
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  • ...his point, and as a result had suffered little during the just-completed [[Wars of Unification]]. The Emperor himself, accompanied by a retinue of scientis ...from three different Fellowships against the Golden Apostles, a string of star systems strung between the Sol system and the outer reaches of the galactic
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  • ...anet allegedly existed in one of [[Terra]]'s closest neighbouring [[system|star systems]]. Being within reach even for non-warp spacecraft, Cthonia had bee ...e Cthonian native was able to travel to [[Terra]] during the [[Unification Wars|Unification Era]], before becoming one of the first Luna Wolves.{{Fn|5a}}
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  • ...e you work, [[Ghargatuloth|daemon]]. You feared us so much you had to move star systems to make us dance to your tune.''''' ...rukal Androcles|Androcles]],<br> [[Space Marine Captain|Captain]] of the [[Star Phantoms]]
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  • [[Jagga]] was the home to [[Ork]] [[Freebooter]]s known as the [[Star Krumpas]]. Their considerable [[Kill Kroozer]] fleet, once the major threat [[Category:Tyrannic Wars]]
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  • ...on of the [[Marines Errant]]{{Fn|2c}}, [[Imperial Harbingers]]{{Fn|2c}}, [[Star Phantoms]]{{Fn|3e}}, [[Celestial Lions]]{{Fn|32a}}{{Fn|4}} and [[Steel Cobr ...tion of the [[Fire Angels]]{{Fn|2d}}, [[Emperor's Spears]]{{Fn|32b}} and [[Star Scorpions]].{{Fn|32c}}
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