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"Puritan's Wrath" Chainaxe

The "Puritan's Wrath" Chainaxe is made only from the finest materials the Calixis Sector has to offer the broad-headed chainaxe commonly known as the “Puritan’s Wrath” is a true sight to behold on the battlefield. A broad-headed double-handed Chainaxe, the weapon is carried into the thickest of fighting by those militant priests of the Adeptus Ministorum. The "Puritan’s Wrath" proudly displays the symbol of the Ecclesiarchy across its broad face whilst streams of purity seals and devotional litanies stream down its surface and around its long handle. While the weapon may look like an ordinary chainaxe, many tales tell of the blade’s uncanny ability to fell heretics in a single blow, and of its supernatural ability to destroy the most blasphemous of creatures, the Daemons of Chaos.