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Ûthar the Destined is amongst the mightiest Kâhls of the Greater Thurian League. He is the victor of the Dreadstar Campaign and the slayer of Gorbrak the Iron Beast. Yet it is said his greatest deeds still lie ahead of him.[2]


Born to the Kindred of Vôrtun in the Hold of Obsyd Gate on a day of strange omens, it is said that the Grimnyr of his Fane watched with wonder as the Ancestor Core put forth a prophecy. The information was muddled, but it seemed to imply that one amongst the day's newly cloned was meant for a great task. Meanwhile, the mechanisms of the Hold's Forge swung into motion without any command and produced a magnificent energy sword known as the Blade of the Ancestors. The Grimnyr was drawn to Ûthar's Crucible, proclaiming the new clone as The Destined and bestowed with the fabulous new blade.[2]

Since that day, he has striven to live up to the expectations of his Ancestors and is driven himself to explore, soldier, and endure great hardships. Through it all, he has displayed uncanny good fortune that some have attributed to the aid of the Ancestors, while others attribute it to a specialized but obscure Cloneskein. Whatever the truth. this has certainly contributed to Ûthar's longevity and many victories.[1]

Ûthar is known to be ruthless to the point of cruelty, but his comrades simply attribute this to the pressure of knowing that one day his great duty shall come upon him. However amongst his Kin, he displays a gallows humor and down-to-earth persona that helps cover his colder side. They also conceal doubt that has gnawed at him since his earliest days, one that questions if the prophecy was correctly understood and if he can ever be ready for his destined task.[1]


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