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902nd Vardan Rifles

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The 902nd Vardan Rifles is an Imperial Guard Regiment.


During the campaign for Broucheroc, the 902nd Vardan Rifles was the only surviving regiment of three Vardan regiments (the 722nd, 831st and 902nd) deployed to protect the planet's supply of promethium from an Ork Waaagh!.

The landing forces were decimated, losing the 722nd in just a week, and the 831st not long after. The survivors of the destroyed regiments were regrouped and integrated into the 902nd Vardan Rifles. As casualties mounted, the 902nd was reduced in size from a regiment, down to a two-hundred man company. The Ork assault was halted at the city of Boucheroc, denying the invaders access to the underground promethium supply there. Due to bureaucratic delays, the low tactical and material worth of the planet and the absence of competent ground leadership above company level, the campaign for Boucheroc left the 902nd pinned down in the city for more than ten years.

Recruitment & Training

New recruit to the 902nd faced a trial by fire, being assigned to undersized fire-teams or wherever they are needed. A typical recruit's life expectancy amongst front line units in Boucheroc was 15 hours. If the recruit survived, he became part of the regiment and was issued with more valuable equipment.

Battle Style

Due to the extreme losses taken by the 902nd and the numerical superiority of the besieging Orks, the Vardan 902nd relied mainly on trench warfare and defensive fortification. It had nowhere near enough manpower to make a serious assault on the Ork lines, and so was primarily concerned with the defence of the city in support of the adjacent Imperial Guard regiments. At the smallest level, the regiment was divided into 4-6 man fireteams, sheltering in defensive foxholes.

Appearance & Uniform

In battle, troopers wear a heavy greatcoat, a fur-lined helmet, a heavy vest of ballistic cloth with extra pectoral protection and flexible shoulder reinforcements.

Weapons & Equipment

The Vardan Rifles use standard Imperial Guard equipment including lasguns, frag and krak grenades and flamers.

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