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Abrial's Claw

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Abrial's Claw
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Baldarun[1] and Abrial Shard[1]
Colours: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Unknown

Abrial's Claw is an Iron Warriors Warband, that is led by the exiled Warsmith Baldarun and his sworn ally, Abrial Shard.[1]


It was originally led by Shard alone, but he offered his Warband to Baldarun in exchange for the secrets of the Warsmith's technovirus. Baldarun agreed to this, since it gave him a chance to rebuild his standing with the Iron Warriors, after his banishment. Abrial's Claw is known to have taken part in the Scouring of Makenna VII in M41 and is infamous across many Sectors.[1]

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