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Adeptus, Adepta, or Adept is a title given to servants of the Administratum and Adeptus Terra.[3a] "Adept" covers a large list of different titles, grades, and specialties.[3a]The title is much respected and Space Marines, Imperial Guard Commanders and some high ranking Imperial Guard members are entitled to use it also.[1] On Terra, the title separates the employed and settled servants of the Adeptus Terra, from the often destitute non-adept.[3a] Non-adepts can gain the title by becoming Menials.[1] Some Adepts gain their title through skill, but many others are granted the title hereditarily.[3a]

Example ranks of Adepts can include:

A similar and analogous title of the Adeptus Mechanicus is that of Tech Adept.[3b]

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