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Aegis Armour

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A Grey Knight in Aegis Armour battles Daemons[2a]

Aegis Armour is a specialized protective device mounted on the Power Armour of members of the Grey Knights and Ordo Malleus. Worked into their Armour, each Aegis Suit is a lattice of psychoconductive filaments and amulets, wrought into hexagrammic wards and inscribed with anti-daemonic prayers. Aegis Armour allows Daemon Hunters to better combat Warp Entities and Rogue Psykers by protecting them from psychic attack. The technology incorporated into The Aegis represents the most potent anti-psychic defenses in the Imperium of Man.[1][2c]

Far rarer Aegis Suits are known to exist, composed only of the lattice and wards, which can be worn with other kinds of armour and even normal clothing.[1] Far larger Aegis Suits are also worn by Grey Knights Dreadnoughts.[2b]