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Aethon Shaan

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Aethon Shaan is the current Shadow Captain of the Raven Guard Chapter's 1st Company[4] and was formerly its 4th Captain.[1a][3]


This page contains spoilers for: The Chapter's Due (Novel)

When the Chaos army known as the Bloodborn invaded Ultramar in 854999.M41[2], the Raven Guard's Master of Shadows sent Shaan and one of the Fourth Company's elite squads to assist the Ultramarines. Their entry into Lord Calgar's chambers inside the Fortress of Hera was so stealthy that even the legendary Scout Sergeant Telion did not detect their presence until they announced themselves.[1a]

Their specific mission was to capture Ardaric Vaanes, a renegade Raven Guard who had been seen traveling in the retinue of Warsmith Honsou[1a].

Shaan and his squad infiltrated the Chaos-held city of Axum on Tarentus and neutralized the sentries, allowing an Ultramarines strike force to enter and demolish the defenses. However, Axum was a trap laid by Honsou for Uriel Ventris, who only just managed to evacuate his troops before the city was leveled from orbit. During the evacuation, Shaan saved Scout Sergeant Issam's life by casually beheading a persistent Khorne Berserker clinging to their escaping Thunderhawk[1b].

Shaan later joined Uriel and the Ultramarines Fourth Company in defending Calth from the assault of the Iron Warriors, and helped Inquisitor Namira Suzaku to interrogate Vaanes after he was captured during the fight at Guilliman's Gate[1c].

Shaan and his squad were instrumental in turning the tide on Calth, when they infiltrated the Chaos force's command vehicle, the Black Basilica, and destroyed it with demolition charges. This not only killed a fair number of the Chaos soldiers, it also halted the corrupt Adept Cycerin's attempts to take control of the Praetorians fighting on the Ultramarines' side[1d][1e].

In the climax of the battle on Calth, Shaan accompanied Uriel and his Command Squad through the caverns to the underground tomb of Remus Ventanus, the saviour of Calth[1f][1g][1h]. Shaan lost several men in the fight with Honsou's warriors, but survived the fight, and the collapsing of the cave by Honsou[1i].

Afterwards, Shaan was bewildered by the actions of Vaanes, who had fought for their side in the final battle. Shaan had been ordered to take Vaanes back to the Ravenspire for punishment, but did not know what he would say now. Uriel suggested that Shaan tell the truth: that Vaanes had given his life fighting against the Ruinous Powers. Shaan agreed, and asked Apothecary Selenus to extract Vaanes' gene-seed, for return to the Raven Guard's fortress-monastery[1i].

Shaan and his surviving warriors also accompanied the Second and Fourth Companies to Talassar to relieve the besieged First Company led by Chapter Master Calgar, taking part in the jump pack assault against M'kar's daemon army[1j]. He and his surviving warriors were among the few non-Ultramarines to attend the Chapter's victory celebration in the Shrine of Guilliman on Macragge, and the fallen Raven Guard were honoured along with the Ultramarines[1j].


  • "The way into Axum is clear, Sergeant Issam. Your approach was made with great skill, but this is Raven Guard work."[1b]