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Andy Smillie

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Andy Smillie[1]

Andy Smillie is an author for Black Library.


Forged from beef and brawn, Andy Smillie emerged from the blacksmith’s fire like a slab of Scottish iron. Hailing from the northern reaches of Glasgow, he crossed the border into England intent on conquest but instead found gainful employment in Nottingham at Games Workshop. Leaving a trail of carnage in his wake, he eventually settled in the Black Library where he works in marketing by day and as a literary superhero by night... His writing credits include a veritable swathe of articles for various sci-fi, fantasy and hobby magazines. His debut work of fiction, Mountain Eater, was released in 2011 in the digital publication Hammer & Bolter.[2]

Warhammer 40,000 Works

Warhammer Works

  • Last Orders (Short Story)
  • Mountain Eater (Short Story)

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