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Annihilation Squad (Novel)

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Annihilation Squad
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Series Last Chancers
Preceded by Kill Team
Followed by Armageddon Saint
Released April 2004
Pages 256
Editions ISBN 9781844160754

Annihilation Squad is the third novel in the Last Chancers (Novel Series) by Gav Thorpe.

Cover description

Lieutenant Kage, convict of the 13th Penal Legion and probably its longest surviving recruit, has once more come to the attention of his ruthless old commanding officer, the Colonel. Joined with a brand new team of Last Chancers, Kage is sent on a suicide mission to the war-torn planet of Armageddon to hunt down and assassinate one of the most dangerous traitors to the Imperium — former planetary overlord Herman von Strab. However, the Third Armageddon War is still raging fiercely and the Last Chancers will have to fight through orks, rebels and even the planet itself if they are to succeed in their mission.

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