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Argos is one of the current[5a] Masters of the Forge that serve the Salamanders Chapter.[5b]


As a scout, Brother Argos fought alongside Brother Elysius, (Later to become a Chaplain, and bearer of Vulkan's Sigil) in an action on Ullsinar[4] to purge a Genestealer brood. During the initial hunting, in which the scouts were to tag a Genestealer with a signal emitting bolt round, the squad was ambushed by their prey. Slaying one scout, and knocking Elysius to the floor, the Genestealer prepared to spray acid at Elysius. However, Brother Argos, seeing the peril Elysius was in, rushed into the line of fire and subsequently had a portion of his face destroyed by acid. After Elysius killed the Genestealer, compromising the mission, the pair opted to continue, despite Argos' injuries, to eradicate the brood nest themselves.

In later years, as a recently inducted full Techmarine, Argos again suffered grievous facial wounds at the hands of Genestealers whilst serving alongside the 2nd Company in the Purging of Ymgarl. As a result of this second burning, Argos requiring the bionic rebuilding of half of his face. After serving in the 2nd Company of the Salamanders for some time, Argos eventually ascended to his current position as the Salamanders' primary Master of the Forge.[1a]

Argos was assigned to the 3rd Company for their mission to Scoria, in pursuit of information or evidence pertaining to their missing Primarch. When their vessel, Vulkan's Wrath, crash-landed, Argos was kept busy with repairs, as well as storing the relics recovered from the world and using the downed spaceship's weaponry in combating an Ork menace.[1b]


Visibly augmented, Argos also wears a distinctive suit of artificer armour that includes a servo-harness and various tools and devices useful in his role as a dedicated Astartes disciple of the Machine God. Argos's bionic eye is engraved with the image of a snarling Firedrake.[1a]


Argos is named after Brother Argos, the owner of The Bolter & Chainsword(an internet forum focusing primarily on Space Marines and closely related factions). In addition to running the one of the most prominent Warhammer 40,000 forums on the internet, Brother Argos is also a noted Salamanders aficionado. Author Nick Kyme named the characters of Argos and Pyriel after the Bolter & Chainsword users Brother Argos and Pyriel(a prominent member of the Bolter & Chainsword forum, and another noted Salamander aficionado), in recognition of the guidance and support they gave him during the planning and writing of Salamander (Novel).[2]