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Arianhrod Esw Sweydyr

Arianhrod Esw Sweydry was an associate of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.


Arianhrod was a human swordswoman from the planet Carthae, a practitioner of the Ewl Wyra Scryri school of swordsmanship, and the bearer of the force sword Barbarisater. She joined Eisenhorn's retinue in 333.M41, and died five years later in 338.M41, during his final confrontation with Beldame Sadia, in combat with a Dark Eldar haemonculus accompanying Sadia.[1a][1b]

Arianhrod cut an imposing figure, standing two metres in height with her silver hair plaited with beads.[1a] Her loss was mourned by Eisenhorn and all his retinue, especially Interrogator Gideon Ravenor, whose lover she had been for a year before her death.[1a][1c] She was cremated on Lethe Eleven, although Eisenhorn was too badly injured to attend her funeral.[1c]

Sometime before her death, she had taught Eisenhorn the Ewl Wyra Scyri art, a skill which he would use extensively for the rest of his career. He had also come to "inherit" Barbarisater, although the blade was to be returned to clan Esw Sweydyr on Carthae.[1c][1d]

She was the aunt of Angharad Esw Sweydyr, another Carthaen swordswoman who joined the Inquisition in memory of her aunt, and later joined the now-Inquisitor Ravenor's retinue.[2]