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Ario Barzano

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Ario Barzano was an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who was sent to the Imperium-held world of Pavonis to investigate the possible presence of C'tan and to uncover the true goals of the Dark Eldar raiders who plied the Pavonis system[1].


He traveled to Pavonis with Captain Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines 4th Company, who were personally assigned by Ultramarines Chapter Master Marneus Augustus Calgar to protect Inquisitor Barzano (the Ultramarines not knowing of Barzano's Inquisitorial status) at all costs[1a].

He hid in the guise of an Administratum adept, whose objective was supposedly in order to correct a number of problems ranging from corruption, Dark Eldar raidings, to the rise of a cartel-controlled terror group and political upheaval; all of which prevented Pavonis from fully paying its Imperial Tithe Grade. In his company was Lortuen Perjed, his aide and actual adept of the Administratum[1b].

He then declared that Mykola Shonai, then governor of Pavonis, would remain governor after the cartel-based senate, headed by Vendare Taloun, cast a vote of no confidence against her[1c].

And, after a foiled assassination attempt, Inquisitor Barzano revealed his true identity to both the Ultramarines and to Governor Shonai; indicating the neccessity for speed if they were to capture whom the Dark Eldar referred to as "Kyerzak", Kasimir De Valtos [1d].


Already heavily wounded from his battle with the bone-thin Dark Eldar Haemonculi, only known as the "Surgeon", who all but sheared the flesh halfway through his arm with a bonesaw[1e]; Inquisitor Barzano met his death at the hands of the Dark Eldar Captain, Archon Kesharq [1f]. He lived long enough to see Uriel Ventris banish the C'tan Night Bringer, then died in the Ultramarine Captain's arms before a medic could see to him[1f].

Barzano was buried in the gardens of the Governor's palace on Pavonis. The inscription on his headstone, carved by Ventris personally, read "Each man is a spark in the darkness. Would that we all burn as bright."[1g]

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