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Ash Wastes Nomad

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An Ash Waste Nomad[1]

The Ash Waste Nomads, also known as the People of the Ash, are the population of Necromunda that live in the desert wasteland of the Hive World's surface.[1]


Ancient tales recount how, when the Lords of Araneus (the ancient name of the planet Necromunda) were cast down by the Imperium, the last citizens of the Araneus Continuity's empire fled from their oppressors into the wastes of their now-blighted world. Some say the nomads are descended from these first people, tormented and changed by the wasteland into the creatures that stalk the wilds today, a hatred of the Imperium and its proxy House Helmawr still fresh in their hearts.[2]


To survive in Necromunda's harsh environment, the wandering Nomads have clad themselves in rags called Haaz arn (or ash cloaks)[2] that match their barren surroundings. They also wear all-over masks equipped with protective lenses and filtration pipes. Despite their appearance, the Nomads are far from savage and their culture stretches back countless generations.[1]

The Nomads in Battle

The ruthless Ash Waste Nomads are brutal in battle, striking with utter surprise. They lie for hours beneath shifting ashen sands, waiting for their prey to draw near. They strike with sudden and overwhelming force to bring down their quarry and claim their loot before fading back into the wastes.[2]

Their habit of taking their dead with them only adds to the dark tales concerning their true nature. The more superstitious hivers believe they cannot be killed – a claim only reinforced by stories of nomads surviving injuries that would kill a normal man.[2]

The Nomads deadly long rifles give them an advantage in the wastes, as there is not much cover to be found out on Necromunda's dunes. Their powerful scoped weapons are perfect for picking off outsiders, or knocking targets from rocky outcrops.[1]


The Ash Waste Nomads have somehow managed to tame Helamites and now ride them into battle. Those deadly insect predators are seemingly as old as the wastes themselves; born of the toxic deserts and chem-rich soil, they live in great rubbish-infused mounds.[2]

Interaction with the Hives

Nomads do not take well to Necromunda's Hive dwellers or outsiders stepping onto their territory. Gangs of Nomads and Hivers often clash with one another over convoys of the Merchants Guilds[1]