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Assault on Zoran

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The Assault on Zoran was a battle in M41 between the Blood Angels and Alpha Legion under the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius.[1]


The Alpha Legion incited an uprising on the Ice World of Zoran. Blood Angels Captain Metraen led elements of the 3rd and 8th Companies to crush the insurrection but the attack stalled when the Alpha Legion's base of operations was discovered to be an ancient Imperator Titan. Though half-buried in the ice, the Titan's void shields and weapons batteries were fully functional and many Blood Angels were lost in the assault as Metraen feared he might have to resort to Exterminatus. However in the end, help arrived from Kor'sarro Khan and the White Scars. Combining efforts, the two Space Marine forces were able to emerge victorious and while the Alpha Legion Lord Kernax Voldorius ultimately escaped, his followers were exterminated to the last man.[1]