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Atharva was an Adeptus Exemptus of the Thousand Sons legion during the Great Crusade.



During the 55th year of the Great Crusade, Atharva served on the planet Morningstar, where he tried to find out what led to the destruction of the pre-Old Night city of Zharrukin. When a magna-storm threatened the site, he ordered the evacuation with Conservator Niko Ashkali, an academic leading the human staff. Using his telepathic powers, he summoned the other legionaries to leave, including Phosis T'kar, but they were unable to reach Magnus. Waiting for the primarch caused them precious time, and one of the human transports was almost downed in the storm as it tried to take off. With T'kar, Atharva was able to use his power to save the ship and send it away from the storm. Knowing not much time was left, Atharva left his stormbird and ordered the legionaries to return to Calaena as he was going to find the primarch on his own. However, they stayed as Atharva ventured into the storm, but he did not have to go far when he met the primarch, whose psychic power kept the storm away. With the primarch on board, the pilot Zharrukin struggled to keep it flying through the storm. Before they could be lost, Magnus used his power again to protect the ship to the awe of the legionaries who were just beginning to learn of their primarch's power.[2b]

When they arrived at Calaena, Morningstar's capital city, they found a thriving trade hub that was busy evacuating civilians aboard the ancient mass convoyer, Lux Ferem. The stormbird traveled to the Sharei Maveth fortress, built and manned by the Iron Warriors. Once landed, Magnus ordered Atharva to join him to meet with Perturabo. The two primarchs came together, with Perturabo expressing happiness at Magnus's safety, and Magnus revealing that he discovered something important, as Atharva watched in amazement that two very different individuals could be brothers Yet he saw that they were similar in their quest of knowledge and creating great wonders. As he gazed at Perturabo's armor, the primarch questioned him as to what he saw, and Atharva replied that the Terminator plate had unique aspects, including aspects related to the Terrawatt Clan armorers, the Narodnyan craft, and the Kholat Syakhl forges along with Ur-Phoenician script running across it. Perturabo turned his attention to Magnus, who revealed that they discovered sealed archives that could explain how Morningstar was able to survive relatively intact during the Old Night.[2b]

Crusader Host

Atharva lived on Terra due to being apart of the Crusader Host, where one member from each legion was placed on Terra to represent their legion on the birth world of the Imperium. Atharva represented the Thousand Son's presence on Terra.[1a]

Horus Heresy

After the Horus Heresy broke out 14 legionaries of the known 9 traitor Astartes Legions were imprisoned in the Khangba Marwu for their legions' crimes.[1b] These arrests were at the hand of the Preceptory with a force led by Nagasena and General Golovko of the Black Sentinels.[1a] Atharva used his psychic powers to cause the human guards to rebel against the two Custodians and then broken himself and 6 of the other legionaries from the prison. During their escape, they took Kai Zulane, an astropath, with them. This astropath was currently under psychic interrogation by the hand of the Imperium, who wanted to unlock the secret knowledge placed within his mind by Magnus the Red. Atharva had the same goal, and he wanted to use the information.[1b]


Atharva was executed by Rogal Dorn using his own personalised bolt pistol after being cornered at the Temple of Woe during their attempted escape from Terra.[1c]

On the Planet of Sorcerers, Atharva, or a shade of Atharva, appeared to Magnus as he brooded over his defeat at the hands of Russ. After some discussion, Atharva warned Magnus that the Warp Gods were not done with his legion, and he would need to seek help in cheating his fate with knowledge from their time at Morningstar during the Great Crusade.[2a]