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Attias the Untamed[1a]

Attias, better known as Attias the Untamed, is a notorious Fallen Angel[1b], who took part[2] in the Great Crusade[3] and Horus Heresy.[2]


Once the trainee of Zahariel when he began with The Order on Caliban, he was considered more of a bookworm than a fighter, until his successful ascension alongside his mentor to the Dark Angels.[4a] In the First Legion's Sarosh campaign, he was heavily injured by a xenos,[4b] and in the aftermath he was among the Dark Angels exiled back to Caliban by their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson.[3]

Said to have been at Luther's side during the confrontation between the Fallen and Lion El'Jonson, Attias has eluded capture by the Dark Angels over three times. However, at some point he became a captive of the Crimson Slaughter, who attempted to use the Fallen as bait to lure the Dark Angels into a trap on the Imperial world of Stern's Remembrance. In the ensuing ambush, Attias was freed and fought alongside the Dark Angels, agreeing to become their prisoner if it meant freedom from the vile Chaos Space Marines. After the battle against the Crimson Slaughter and their Cultist allies, he was taken aboard The Rock.[1b][1c]