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This page contains spoilers for: Lion El'Jonson: Lord of the First (Novel)

The Autochthonar was the ancient progenitor of the Khrave species, who once ruled over them.[1a]


It was originally a Psychic weapon created by an advance Xenos civilization, to spread anguish and terror amongst sentient species. In time, the Autochthonar learned to reproduce, giving birth to the Khrave and an immense psychic network that connected them all together. This grew with each new Khrave born and the Autochthonar would go on to outlive its long-forgotten creators and thrive in a galaxy ripe with chaos and strife. Even as the Khrave began using their Psychic powers to dominate other species, and built an empire of thralls, the Autochthonar ruled over them all, through their psychic network and each Khrave answered to its will.[1a]

The Khrave's predations continued during the Imperium's Great Crusade and among the worlds they attacked was Muspel. Using their immense psychic powers they began slowly dominating the world's population. They would then later use these thralls to begin upheavals and rebellions to gain control of Muspel, during the Ullanor Crusade. This drew the attention of the Dark Angels Primarch Lion El'Jonson, who led a portion of his Legion and other Imperial forces to investigate the matter. When they arrived, the Khrave began to immediately attack them with their thralls and created new ones by psychically dominating non-Dark Angel members of the Primarch's fleet[1b]. The Legion held firm, though, and the Xenos were forced to step up their efforts to kill the Dark Angels. This resulted in the Khrave investing much of their psychic powers into individual thralls and turning them into Khrave-Hosts. While this gave the Khrave a powerful thrall to perfectly control, it put them in danger as once the Host died, the Khrave died as well. This led to the deaths of several Khrave at the Dark Angels' hands[1c], which weakened their psychic network and damaged the Autochthonar. In response, the Khrave's ruler led a large fleet towards Muspel, from their homeworld within the Ghoul Stars, in order to finally end the battle and destroy the Dark Angels. However the Primarch El'Jonson learned of this, after the Khrave-Host that was once the Remembrancer Savine Grael attempted to psychically dominate him. The attack backfired, as the Primarch's mental strength was too much for her[1d] and as she died[1e], the Primarch gazed into her memories and the psychic network the Khrave shared. Through this, he not only learned of every Khrave's location, but also that the Autochthonar was leading a fleet to Muspel[1d]. El'Jonson had suspected the Khrave were responsible for the predations of Humans near the Ghoul Stars and had in fact come to Muspel knowing the Xenos were behind the world's rebellions. He had planned to lure them out so the Dark Angels could destroy them, but had kept that information to himself and a select few others. In doing so, El'Jonson had prevented the Khrave from learning anything when they gazed at the memories of the non-Dark Angels they psychically dominated among the Primarch's fleet. This allowed El'Jonson to safely enact his plans to finally end their threat to the Imperium and Mankind.[1f]

When the Autochthonar's fleet arrived at Muspel, and began to invade it, El'Jonson struck and teleported aboard the Khrave ruler's ship, with a small group of Dark Angels. They would fight their way through the Khrave defending the ship, to reach the Autochthonar's chamber. There the two leaders clashed, as their forces fought around them[1a]. While facing the Primarch, the Autochthonar nearly overwhelmed El'Jonson and threatened that it would drain everything from his mind and then feast upon the corpse of the Imperium[1g]. This would not come to pass, though, as on Muspel's surface, the Ironwing Master Duriel sacrificed himself[1h] to destroy a gigantic Khrave-Titan with an atomic bomb[1i]. The deaths of so many Khrave at once, sent an intense backlash of psychic feedback throughout the connection the Xenos shared, and left the Autochthonar spasming on the floor. As he stood over the helpless ruler of the Khrave, El'Jonson said that while the Imperium may one day fall, the Autochthonar would not be there to see it, and then drove the Lion Sword through the Xenos' skull[1i]. By the battle's end, the death of the Autochthonar and so many of the Khrave ended the threat they posed to the Imperium and freed their enslaved thralls.[1k]


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