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Baal Primus

Map Basic Data Lunar Image
Small cross.pngBaal
Name: Baal Primus BaalPrimus.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: not stated
System: Baal System
Primary: Baal
Population: Uninhabited[2]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Moon
Tithe Grade: Aptus Non

Baal Primus (known locally as Baalind[2]) is one of the two moons of Baal, the Homeworld of the Blood Angels.[1a] It is smaller than its sister moon Baal Secundus and home to a colder climate and thinner atmosphere. Always lightly settled, since the Devastation of Baal it has been uninhabited.[2]


Existing alongside Baal Secundus, during the Dark Age of Technology Baal along with its two moons were isolated by Warp Storms. During this period Baalite civilization survived, and when the storms lifted a golden age began that saw the worlds flourish. However at the onset of the Age of Strife Baal and its moons were isolated once more, and famine ensued. Baal Secundus demanded that they, the more populous world, be granted the protection of the orbital facilities of Baal Primus and that the moon be evacuated. Baal Primus refused, and in the ensuing war the orbital somehow crashed into its surface, devastating it. The apocalypse saw the population degenerate into sickly nomads until the arrival of Sanguinius millennia later.[1a]

During the Devastation of Baal Baal Primus was defended by thousands of Space Marines was overrun first by the Tyranids and then Daemons led by Ka'Bandha himself.[1b] After the battle the symbol of Ka'Bandha was formed with the skulls of dead Tyranid organisms on the moon. The Blood Angels subsequently bombarded Baal Prime with macrocannons, lances and torpedoes, erasing the blasphemous daemon's name from its surface.[1b]

Notable Locations

  • The Necklace - Ancient orbital that crashed into Baal Primus's surface during an ancient war, today acting as a kind of mountain range. Its cavern is filled with horrors and deadly radiation feared by the local Baalites, who dare not brave its deepest caverns.[1a]

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