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Ban Daur

Captain Ban Daur was once an officer in the Vervun Primary PDF of Vervunhive on the planet Verghast, who became a senior officer in the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard Regiment after the Chaos invasion of Verghast.[1a][1d][2a]

Captain Daur has remained an essential and stable part of the regiment's command cadre through several difficult campaigns and associated changes to the regiment's organisation. Considered the fourth officer of the regiment for some years, Daur has apparently been sidelined in recent times by the reorganisation of the regiment. He has been replaced as senior Verghasite officer by Major Kolea, who was also promoted above him in the ranking tree of the regiment, and also superseded by Major Baskevyl, senior Belladon officer.[Needs Citation]


This page contains spoilers for: Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)


Originally a Captain in the Vervun Primary, Daur was the commander of the Hass West Fort on the perimeter wall of Vervunhive and considered popular amongst his men. When the city was attacked by Chaotic forces in 769.M41, Daur was injured in the opening bombardment of the city, not least because the High Command milled about in confusion and refused to give the order for the wall forces to arm and return fire.[1a]

Taken off the active list, Daur was instead made liaison officer to the command staff of the Imperial Guard forces that arrived to defend the city. Daur formed an effective working relationship with the officers of the Tanith First regiment under Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt.[1b] During the first Zoican storm of the city, Gaunt was particularly impressed when Daur insisted on borrowing Gaunt's bolt pistol (since his injured arm left him unable to wield his sword or a lasrifle) and fighting alongside Gaunt on the walls.[1c]

After the combat was declared over, the Vervun Primary, like its parent hive, was completely shattered and practically destroyed. There was no requirement to reconstitute the Primary, as Vervunhive itself was going to be flattened and forgotten about. Several of the surviving soldiers of the Primary used the Act of Consolation to transfer to one of the various continuing regiments that had served during the campaign.[1d] Daur applied to join the Tanith 1st, and Gaunt gladly accepted him onto his command staff, Daur becoming the regiment's fourth officer.[1d][2a][3]


Despite Daur being inferior in rank to Major Rawne, Gaunt ruled that, as senior Verghast officer, Daur had a special responsibility for the regiment's new Verghastite contingent and therefore was only answerable on such matters to Gaunt or Colonel Corbec. Daur often felt unworthy for this job, especially in the presence of men like Gol Kolea and Agun Soric, who, although only Sergeants, were immensely popular with the other Verghastites and whose reputations as fighters were much greater.[2a] When Kolea was later promoted past Daur, Daur did not object.[Needs Citation]

During his early years with the Ghosts, Daur was normally tasked as a supply and logistics officer, and often a liaison between the regiment and civilians on whatever planet the Ghosts were deployed to. Daur sometimes resented not being given more front-line combat responsibilities, even though he knew Gaunt was making the best use of Daur's abilities.[2a]

In the Hagian campaign, Daur received a holy trinket from a old woman while he was trying to direct refugees. He was later wounded in action, being stabbed in the chest during the Doctrinopolis action.[2a] While recuperating, Daur was one of a number of Ghosts who received visions of the Sabbat Martyr, beckoning them to the Shrinehold of Saint Sabbat despite the orders to evacuate Hagia.[2b]


Ban Daur is a handsome and athletically-built young man, tall and somewhat serious in nature.[1b]