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Baphomel Khaemulabro

Baphomel Khaemulabro is a Codicier in the Blood Angels Chapter who has the ability of precognition. Due to his powers of prophecy, he has become a formidable strategist and natural Codicier, but as with all the Sons of Sanguinius, Baphomel's powers also come with a curse. His powers of precognition show him shadows of the future flickering around him, and it is said that Baphomel can foresee when the curse of the Black Rage or Red Thirst will befall his brother Blood Angels. Though this is true, Baphomel maintains a quiet vigil, never revealing the threads of the future yet to unwind; nevertheless, his every outward sign is closely scrutinized by the Blood Angels he encounters. Each of them are only too aware of what it is he sees and what it is that awaits them. If not now, then soon...[1]

Like all his battle-brothers, Baphomel wears the winged blood drop on his shoulder pad. Long-serving battle-brothers have nicknamed the blood drop of Baphomel’s own Chapter symbol the diviner’s tear out of the belief he has already predict who is next to succumb to the Black Rage and Red Thirst.[1]

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