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Battle of Persembe

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The Battle of Persembe was a war between the Dark Angels and the PDF of the world of Persembe and the forces of Chaos in 551.M37.[1]


The unrest began when Persembe, a world close to the Eye of Terror, came under a furious Chaos attack by the Sorcerer and self-proclaimed 'High Anarchist' Potchek. Launching an orbital assault of the Lost and the Damned, Mutants, and Daemons that overwhelmed Persembe's PDF forces in a week, the few remaining Imperial forces were forced to flee back to Kurin's Acropolis. This was a monument erected in honor of the Emperor during the Great Crusade, and Persemble's warriors were determined to make their final stand here.[1]

Fortunately, they never had to fulfill that oath when the Dark Angels 3rd Company under Master Baradiel arrived to relieve the beleaguered planet. Landing by Drop Pods and Thunderhawks in the path of Potchek's Daemonic contingent, the Space Marines made their way to Kurin's Acropolis. A dozen times the Daemonic hordes charged and a dozen times they were beaten back. As more of the Company's assault vehicles arrived, the Dark Angels began to advance on the enemy in an outwardly expanding circle. Baradiel and his Command Squad mounted their personal Land Raider, Fury of Caliban, and plunged into the heart of the enemy to seek out Potchek. As Potchek was about to cast a powerful psychic spell, his head was blown off by Baradiel's Storm Bolter. After the death of their overlord, the Anarchist's army fractured and its Daemons dissipated back into the Immaterium. Now left alone to face the Dark Angels, the horde of traitors and mutants attempted to flee but were mercilessly gunned down by the Dark Angels. Not a single traitor escaped.[1]

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