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Battlefleet Calixis

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Battlefleet Calixis is the Imperial Navy Battlefleet of the Calixis Sector.


Battlefleet Calixis officially came into being in 384.M39, a result of the Calyx Expanse being conquered during the Angevin Crusade. A half-dozen ships left over from the Crusade stayed behind and consolidated Imperial holdings in the area. That same year, the Battlefleet saw its first action against the Yu'vath, a powerful and dangerous Xenos race. Though they took heavy losses, with the help of the Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter, the Battlefleet emerged victorious over the aliens and traitor allies.[1]

Between M39 and M41, Battlefleet Calixis has engaged against a wide range of foes such as Orks and Freebooters, Dark Eldar raiders, Eldar Corsairs, pirates, and secessionist and rebel worlds.[1]

Notable ships

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